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I am 31 weeks, and told I can work my job up until a couple weeks before due dte because I am working customer service sitting down all the time answering phones. But the atmosphere at work is sooo stressful to me! The callers on the phone are constantly irate & yell at me all day long, to add to this, many of my co-workers are hard to get along with and act very gossipy and mean which seems to add to my stress. I really hate my job, but would feel so guilty if i left early since it is supposedly an "easy" job for a pregnant woman. I guess it is more emotinal stress, but the other night I couldn't fall asleep thinking about how much I hated going back in the morning!!! Did anyone leave thier job early because they just plain hate it or should I stick it out. (we really need the money)
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Name: To Tanya | Date: Mar 19th, 2006 7:03 PM
You pretty much answered your own question - you need the money so you need to stick it out. See your doctor, tell him/her your situation and they might sign you out early. I too work in customer service and it's not easy just because we are the phone and sitting down. There's a lot of mental stress - your boss is not really not a good one if he/she thinks it's an easy job. Anyway, I was in your situation and all you can do is stick it out. This is the easy part, going back to it after the baby is much harder! Good luck and congrat's on your upcoming baby. 

Name: Fiona | Date: Mar 20th, 2006 9:29 AM
I packed my job in early as it was too stressful and I was getting upset - it was a horrible job. I'm glad I packed in, but it was hard financially for a few weeks. Don't put up with the stress if you can possibly pack it in - it's not worth it! 

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