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My 4 year old daughter will not participate in activities that put the focus of attention on her. For example, at birthday parties when it's her time to hit the pinata she doesnt want to do it because the focus is on her. At pre-school she refuses to participate in parades etc that will have people looking at her. In all other areas, she is outgoing, makes friends easily, loves school its just this issue of the focus of attention on her. I am worried about this. Anyone have any suggestions to help me with this?
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Name: terri | Date: Jan 28th, 2006 3:08 AM
my gosh my daughter was exactly the same! shes not as bad now as she has started school but still gets embarrased at show and tell time when its her turn! she has a great teacher and her and i are working on it. i have also enrolled her in dancing which has been great for her self esteem best of luck hope all works out! 

Name: Lisa | Date: Apr 11th, 2006 11:00 PM
Maybe she is experiencing anxiety? Talk to her doctor! 

Name: Lynne n | Date: May 18th, 2006 7:46 AM
Don't worry too much about it is probley just the way she is.She sounds like a lovely little girl to me,if you push her to do things that she dose'nt want to do then she will only get upset which will make it worse for her.
I dont think you should take her to the doctors for this,Doctors ar to quick to hand out meds these days and that is the last thing that you want.A four year old on meds is not a good idea!
So dont worry she justs needs to build up her confidence a bit which she will do in her own time.I am sure she will grow out of it! 

Name: . | Date: May 18th, 2006 9:08 AM
Sounds like she has a bit of Social Anxiety. The worst thing you can do is make her feel 'bad' for it - I have this myself and it's my worse fear to be in the spotlight. Maybe you could look up books in Amazon that address the issue - there are plenty written by doctors, and not anonymous posters on the internet, lol. 

Name: S | Date: May 18th, 2006 12:43 PM
this web about shy kids and thought itmight help.
My stpe daughter has a really nice voice but whn she is in school talent shows ahe chocks up.I told her she doe not have to be on stage if she does not want to but she says she does...themn she schok each time.I try to help her and practice but she is so afraid that the kids watching are going to tease her. I wish I knew how to helpher. My Step dauighte is the same way as Yours Worried Mom. She is such an out going kid unill all eyes are on her. Best iof luck!! 

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