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I was having dinner with Mark's family over the weekend, and I was discussing my plans for after I give birth. I graduated from College (University) in July 05, and had been working in public admin since. After Joey is born, I want to return to work when he's around 3 months old, and concentrate on my career (as well as my son of course!) And so I want to wait till I'm pushing 30 before having another baby. I'm only 23! But Mark and his mum both disagree complaining that it's selfish not to have another baby within a year or 2 of Joey's birth, as Joey won't have a sibling to play with when he's young. But my plan is to put him in daycare so I'm don't see why he can't play with the other kids there ... And I really don't want to just stay at home for the next few years. Mark's mum says I'm putting my career before Joey's interests! Am I???? Isn't it better to have more money coming in? And for him not to have to share with a sibling until he's older? Am I being selfish? How soon if everyone else here waiting before having another baby?
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Name: Atomic Snowflake | Date: May 27th, 2007 2:15 PM
I suggest that you wait until you have this one first. Motherhood and working is tough. You might decide that you don't want anymore anyway.

It's nobody else's business if and when you choose to have another child. The mother in law should be ignored. Tell her to go have a baby herself if she's that desperate for a playmate for your child. Stupid cow. 

Name: Atomic Snowflake | Date: May 27th, 2007 2:16 PM
There's 6 years between my two kids - each other them have their own playmates and they also play together. It's not a problem. 

Name: kimber | Date: Jun 26th, 2007 1:15 AM
Don't listen to mother in laws when you have the second one she want be there to babysit. 

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