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Hello everyone,
I took a pregnancy test on 2nd March (mothers day here) and it was positive, so i went to my GP today and he confirmed it. I still don't believe it i'm in shock. I have a few questions. The date of my last period was January 25th 2008, but my husband and I didn't start trying until February 5th, so the doctor said we go by the date of your last period, but we will know more when i go for my scan. So he is saying i'm 5 and a half weeks along, but i know i'm not. The other thing is i first new i was pregnant as i was waiting for my period and it was late put i had twinges of cramps like i normally do when i am getting it, is it normal to have these cramps they are not severe ot anything. It just that my sister in law is going through an ectopic pregnancy and a good friend of mine just miscarried a baby at 6 weeks. God, it is so worrying is it normal to feel like this???? I don't think my husband and I are going to tell anyone about the pregnancy until we have the first scan over us. I just can't believe it. i thought we would have to be trying for ages, i guess my mother in law who passed away 4 weeks ago was looking down on us. I hope someone can answer my questions as i can't turn to anyone at the moment as i don't want them to know yet. Thanks C Two
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Name: red87 | Date: Mar 8th, 2008 3:45 PM
I totally understand what your feeling, I am 23 weeks pregnant and I still worry all the time, also still kind of in shock like I know I am pregnant but I just dont believe it! As far as your due date, your doctor is right they always go by the first day of your last period but in reality you didnt actually concieve until around 14 days later when you ovulated. So in actuality you are really only pregnant for 38 weeks, im not sure why they go by your period but they do!

I also had lots of cramps at the beggining, i was in the hospital every week worrying, everything was always fine though. You only have to worry when they are too bad to handle or if they are accompanied by bleeding.

I think it is a good idea to wait till after your first trimester (so at 13 weeks) before you tell anyone, thats what i did just to be sure. Of course i told my mom and my closest friends as soon as i found out but i have a HUGE family so they didnt find out until about a couple weeks ago lol.

Anyway good luck, hope everything goes good for you!

PS you should come to the due date crowd forum on here, thats where i am, lots of other ladies are there that have been helping me with any questions i may have 

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