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Hi everyone! My name is Jessy, I'm 22, and a SAHM. I have a little girl named Julie who's 1 1/2 but thinks she's closer to 4!! She's the cutest and smartest redhead in the WORLD and she keeps me laughing from sun-up to sun-down. My hubby just got out of the Navy after serving 5 years as a submariner so we're getting readjusted to normal life again here in Virginia. I work from home, which is great because I don't have to leave my daughter at all, I get to stay a housewife, and I can still help bring in money for my family. I work around my family's schedule which is AWESOME!! If you're interested, just message me or check out my page www.workathomeunited.com/jessymartin or www.myspace.com/workin_mommy
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