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Most people would say that I have the best of both worlds. I work only 2 full days a week and I am home the other 5 days with the kids. The problem is....I don't know exactly where I "fit in." Because I only go into work 2 days I have no time to socialize with co-workers...because I am trying to get all my work done and have no time to stop for lunch etc... The days that I am at home, I busy trying to get caught up with cleaning, laundry etc.... When I meet nonworking moms' they seemed turned off that I work at all. So...I don't socialize with working or nonworking moms. Its driving my stir crazy talking with my 4 year old all day. Don't know where I fit in. Any suggestions?
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Name: lili | Date: Feb 11th, 2006 2:15 AM
This whole working and stay at home mom thing is so silly. We are all moms, and really we all work. If someone does not want to socialize with you because you work, then do you really need a person like thatin your life anyway? the kind of mom that is "turned off" by you working is most likely the kind of mom who wishes she had a job or career herself. If someone is content with their life, they do not judge another for how they live theirs. Why can't you still socialize with your old friends who may not be moms? That is what I do, and it is great. They are like aunts to my kids who adore them. Actually I am the only one of my close friends who has children and it is pretty cool.
When my daughter started school her teacher commented how comfortable and friendly she was towards all the grown-ups, she actually not only talked to the other kids but to the mommies as well, because she was use to being around friendly funny grown ups who loved spending with her. She actually planned her first play date allon her own and then filled me on it (lol), it was my home ofcource but the point is she is more outgoing than me even with the other moms! 

Name: terri | Date: Feb 11th, 2006 4:01 AM
Oh my gosh we have exactly the same life! I work 2 days a week and dont socialize with co workers as i am flat out as well!
My children are 6 and 11 and believe me when your son starts kinder everything will turn around for you, the mums of your sons friends will ask you over for a coffee and its much more social from then on! 

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