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15 year old Health Benefits Co. Seeking people to work at home immediately:
We are currently interviewing people to work at home.

We provide free training through the Internet or through telephone conferences. We
help you start making money at home ASAP. We also have training centers all over
the United States that you are welcome to attend. Our training centers are available
to you at no cost.

We invest time and money on you so please, only people that are willing to work 10
hours a week or more need to inquire.

About our company:

60 minutes did a big special on our home based company:

* Daily Pay
* FREE LIVE Support
* FREE Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic Plan (for entire household)
* No Hard Selling
* No Cold Calling

1st Opportunity - We help other people work for AmeriPlan. There are millions of
people looking for legitimate opportunities to work from home for various reasons
and you can now help them! We will train you to do this online or offline.
2nd Opportunity - We help save people money by enrolling them in our benefits plan.
We all know people that go to the dentist, wear contact lenses, wear eyeglasses, take
prescription drugs or go to a chiropractor and now you can help them save money
and get paid for your efforts. Our benefits package is very affordable ($11.95 per
month for an individual OR $19.95 per month for an entire household) and most
people realize a significant savings from it. Not only do you get paid for helping
people SAVE MONEY, the person or household that you enroll with our benefits
package is YOUR customer and you will get paid month after month, year after year,
as long as they remain in our benefits program: http://www.ameriplandentalplus.com

Residual Income!!
BEFORE you call or email us please read and study about our home based

Read and study about our company at

For an interview or more information please visit
http://www.freedomathometeam.com/dstinson I will call you in a couple of days.

View our homeworkers: http://www.newbrokers.com/leaders.html.

Listen to our
homeworkers at: http://www.rstinson.richbusdriver.com
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Name: Jessica | Date: Jun 13th, 2007 1:44 AM
This is an awesome business, I love Ameriplan 

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