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hi my name is Lisa i'm having a big problem my dads girlfriend has a son who abuses her, not physically but mentally he is 28yrs old he has no job or money income so he takes advantage of her and the family, he's disrespectful and when she tells him no to anything he just says what are you going to do about it and laughs, he seems to be getting more violent and he threatens her. she just wants whats best for him and i don't know how she can help him and she cant take him disrespecting and not appreciating anything and taking advantage of her house. He wont leave and there is nothing she can do... we are so short on money and he is not making it any easier she has told him to get out she has paid lots of money to help him get a job and nothing comes through, she has tried saying everything and nothing happens... i dont know what advise i can give her, i just say call the cops on him but unfortunately his father did that to him and he didnt learn anything and just blames everyone else. hes 28years old and his mom is 55!!!!!!!!!!!!
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