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Name: I cant stand fighting!!
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ok please be honest here. I need some advice and an outsiders point of view.
Im nine months pregnant and me and my husband have been fighting like crazy lately! I know I am grouchy sometimes and I take blame in a lot of the fights but this time I really dont think it's my fault. I feel so stressed and so tired of fighting and I can't figure out what Im doing wrong!! anyways heres are latest fight:
I like I said am almost at the end of my pregnany and I told my husband that I had a terrible day yesterday. Back hurting from working all day, I couldn't eat luch until 3 because I was by my self..just a really bad day. So I get home around ten last night with our other two children (his step children really) and he had been home since around 6 that night. well i could tell as soon as i walked in he had done nothing but sit on the sofa and watch tv since he got home. there were dishes needing to be put away, chores to be done. anyways when i get home early all I do is take care of the kids and do chores, i feel like when he comes home ealry all he does is sit on his butt. He knew that I had a really bad day you would think he would clean up when he got home, and then when I do walk in he still doesn't get off the sofa and offer to help me with the kids..so I get a little huffy and start bitching at him i guess you could say and instead of being understanding he just starts yelling and fighting with me that he worked hard all day blah blah blah...so i just went to bed and didn't even talk to him anymore. this morning i tried calling him and he was so nasty on the phone and hung up on me! I dont get it sometimes he is so sweet and helpful and other times I feel like he could care less that Im going through a lot of stress now. I keep trying to tell him I need him now more then ever that Im almost ready to give birth to his baby and Im still working and I have the kids to take care off..so am I over reacting here or what???
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Name: lonely | Date: Jan 8th, 2006 8:49 PM
men r assholes 

Name: Stephanie | Date: Jan 23rd, 2006 4:34 PM
Hi there and WE MUST HAVE THE SAME HUSBAND!! I am not even kidding. He does about the same thing as yours does but we dont have two other children. I finally figured out why my husband wasnt helping me at all and here it is:
He didnt realise that I needed his help...kinda sounds stupid but its true! In the mornings now, if there is something that I need help with during the day I ask him to do it sometime during the day and when I get home sure enough its done! We use to fight and argue all the time because he didnt help me what so ever and now I know why. I would come home expecting to have stuff done but because I didnt request it, he didnt know that I needed it to be done! We'll hope this helps, let me know the outcome!
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Name: Nikki | Date: Jan 24th, 2006 2:27 PM
I had a problem where both of us worked and only one of us (me) did household chores. I agree with Steff - sometimes you gotta tell/ask them to do stuff. If I start doing something while my husband sits around, he assumes I don't want/need help. If I speak up then I usually get some help. Hope this helps you. 

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