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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2016-10-14  (6 weeks)
Today is a new day. I wrote this one to you, my future child. I saw your mom this morning. You are wearing her out already I can tell. You are changing her body in miraculous ways. For that is what you are. A miracle. Everything in this life happens for a reason and God has a plan for everything. You are a perfect child that deserves this entire world. I can't promise you a perfect life or that pain and heart ache won't come. What I can promise you is that I will always be there by your side. I will always love you and take care of you. I will do everything I can everyday to protect you and guard you. I will be the father that you deserve and the example that you need. You are my world now. From the moment I found out till the very end. You are a blessing and perfect in every way. Today I am thankful for you. Thankful for the light that you are already in my life. My heart is happy. Try and take is easy on your mom. She is an amazing woman who is terrified right now of the changes in her life that are happening. Let your heartbeat strong and continue to form into the perfect little human. I can't wait to hear your first cry and see your beautiful eyes. I am excited and hopeful for the future. I love you both.  
2016-10-13  (6 weeks)
The first day you told me you were pregnant. Things have been weird between us for two weeks now. But that is all changing now. You said you want to be with me forever and want to have this child and a family with me. You told me you wanted to marry me and that despite the baby you know you would have felt that way. Makes my heart smile to hear. I can not wait for what the future holds.  
2016-10-13  (6 weeks)
We talked about the future. About you moving in about the Dr we are gonna start looking for. You told me you were all in 100% no hold backs any more. You truly are an amazing strong woman. I want to tell you how much I love you and how I am falling more in love every day.  
2016-10-13  (6 weeks)
We are both working today. My god you look as beautiful as you always do. I know I worry too much about you and making sure you are ok. What can I say.... the woman that I love is carrying our child and our future right inside of her. It makes me the happiest I have ever been and probably freaks me or the most too. Just want to take care of you in every way but I have to realize as you put it "you are not fragile, just pregnant." One thing you have to realize is this, the two of you are my whole world wrapped up in one little package. No matter what is going on I am always thinking about you. I'm trying to plan a nice date night for us tomorrow! Hope the baby is in the mood for Italian!! Haha. You truly are an amazing beautiful woman.  

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