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2014-11-10  (8 weeks)
Feeling very fat
I am only 2 months pregnant and I am already noticing a belly, but it is also my 5th child and I was a little over weight to begin with. It just shocks me to look and see that I actually have a round belly ALREADY..Makes me nervous for how big it will get in the next 7 months, lol. I am sooooo tired all the time I get a tiny boost of energy only for the things I absolutely have to do but other than that I am relaxing and dont even wanna get outta bed some time. I really hope and pray this fatigue phase passes very soon, As well as this horid nausea!!  
2014-11-08  (8 weeks)
First day of Journal
My first journal entry. Today is November 8th, 2014. I found out I was pregnant some time in October and I am now around 8 weeks pregnant. I have the worst nausea Ive had and I feel how I did when I was pregnant with my son, not being able to eat, sick outta no where, head aches, fatigue, all that funnn stuff..Not! But I am happy to be having another child and my last at that. Today I feel ok a little nausea like everyday but we are planning on going to our friends for dinner after babe gets out of work. Will try to update this page as much as possible to keep all the memories going. :)  

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