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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2014-03-03  (4 weeks)
OHHH EMM GEEEE!!!! Im Pregnant!
3/03/14 Today my suspicions were confirmed, i am indeed, expecting. I don't know whether I am in shock, or how I feel at the moment, but what I'm feeling is monumental. I had the suspicion since about a week ago but I didn't think much into it until my period was non-existent today, not to mention heartburn and boob pain all freekin week, my body is like clock work, I know when to expect the Bitch (as I have named my dear old Aunt Flo) is coming and this time around she didn't show up. Today was a work day, 6:30am-1pm, and I usually have my cramps by then, but nothing, I got off work a bit early and bought a cheap drugstore test...peed..and Voila! 2 lines. and there you have it. My Baby's Father doesn't know yet, and i am in no rush to tell him just yet. i want to make sure this os the real thing and i don't miscarry, i have only told my mom and older sisters so far. My older sister Renee is also Pregnant and we are due the same week.  

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