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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2014-02-26  (5 weeks)
So Many New Emotions-Week 5
I never knew how happy I really could be... I also never knew all these new emotions I feel exsisted. Kevin and I are so excited anbout the pregnancy and can't wait to start seeing the baby grow, be born and in our lives finally. We have also been very nervous because this is all very new to both of us. We've been reading baby book after baby book and printing information off the internet and making checklists and everything. Now we're just waiting for the first prenatal visit which is going to be around the time I'm 8 weeks along, so not too far away :) As soon as we start getting ultrasounds, I'll be adding them to the pictures of my belly growing. I have only known about the pregnancy for a few days but I already love this child more than life itself... My sweet baby, I cannot wait to meet you.  

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