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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2014-09-02  (18 weeks)
Feeling Great at 18 Weeks!
Baby Bean must be sprouting larger at every chance he/she gets! My baby bump seems to change and become more round and defined day to day. Some days I feel larger than others. I'm not complaining though, honestly I love my growing belly and every other body change happening! The fatigue I had in my 1st trimester has subsided and I tend to have lots of energy well in to the evening - sometimes I sip sleepy time tea to help relieve my insomnia. I also listen to relaxing spa music as I drift off to sleep. I am beginning to feel what I *think* are movements from Baby Bean! It feels like "pops" and sometimes I can't tell if it's gas or the happens right below my belly button, where the Bean is positioned, so I believe it is him/her. We have our next pre-natal appointment tomorrow 9/3 - we'll listen to the heartbeat and my mid-wife Dawn will check my stats...and schedule the gender reveal ultrasound! I have a feeling it is a boy :) Took the baking soda test and it fizzed like a coke, which suggests a boy...we'll see how accurate it is in about 2 weeks! Life is Good.  

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