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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2015-01-11  (14 weeks)
First time,
well this is my first entry. also my first child. I'm scared. yes it was planned but you can't really plan how you're gonna feel once you are pregnant, All pregnancy's are different so I flip out at every little change wondering if its normal.. or if it was something I did wrong.I"m just so grateful my mom is here to help me. and that I have Moises, he is as confused as I am but he is there for me through it all. I'm trying to do things for the baby right now like start a book (pictures, pregnancy test, notes so on) I'm even making a video every week, kinda like an update on the world before they were born. but its hard when I don't know the sex yet. I'd like to talk to someone other than my mother maybe join a group or a club of some sort, but its hard to choose which would be the right choice.I"m trying to stay away from competitive "I'm a better mom because I have more kids or read more then you" kinda of groups so its hard I need friends/sisters I have enough people in my life like that I don't know. I guess its all a matter of searching. well here's to a first of many  

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