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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2016-09-14  (16 weeks)
16 Weeks
We are already almost half way there! Lots has happened in our busy little life together. At about 11 weeks we started spreading the news. We went on a family trip to Mackinaw Island with dad's side of the family. I brought a t-shirt for Harper to wear to announce she is going to be a big sister. In the hotel room I put it on her and had Brenen read the shirt, he had a hard time because Harper doesn't stand still. Once he read it he was surprised and excited - Maren was too! They both had huge smiles on their faces. Then I made a birthday card for your Nana Jean that said "Your wish came true, Happy 20th!" The backstory on that is that Nana Jean has always said since Harper was born that she wanted a 20th grandchild and that Dad and I were her only hope. I thought she would get it right away, but she read the card and didn't understand. So dad had Aunt Courtney read it, and everyone screamed! The Ludka family is super excited to add you to our clan! When we returned home, Brenen and Maren wanted to tell Grandpa right away, so we told him when we got home. Then on Sunday we face timed with Uncle Adam, Aunt Sarah, Aiden, Hadley and Emerson. We had Aiden and Uncle Adam try and read the shirt, they all were very excited as well. I had already told your great grandma Host a couple weeks before when we were in Cadillac. And then we told my Aunts and Cousins the following week. I have been feeling pretty good overall, still tired and I get nauseous when I smell something bad or are hungry. I dry heave a lot in the mornings or when I smell something bad. Just in the last week I have noticed I probably need to upgrade to the next size bra pretty soon! I am definitely showing a baby bump by now too. All my pants still fit as normal for now, my baby bump is up pretty high, but it usually is. I have been getting away with wearing blousey loose fitting tops. I have gained about 5 lbs so far. I had our 15 week check up appt with Dr. Danz last Thursday, and your heart beat was nice and loud and strong. I made our 20 week ultrasound appointment for October 13th, when we will get to find out your gender! I have a feeling you are a boy, just by the difference in symptoms I have been having in comparison to the last two pregnancies, but every one is different so you could very well be a girl too! We will be happy either way!  
2016-07-08  (6 weeks)
Test Positive
In probably the words I would have to describe how I felt after seeing the positive test result. I couldn't believe it was really true, actually I still doubt myself. It was father's day weekend and I knew I was late, I was just waiting to my period to start all weekend, nothing. I have a very regular cycle, so the only answer was that I was pregnant. The day after Father's Day, June 18th, (a Monday) I picked up a couple tests. I waited until after the other three kids went to bed and took the test. Your dad came up to bed, I closed the bedroom door and told him I needed to talk with him. He could tell by the look on my face that I was pregnant. So I calculated the due date to be about February 28th, 2017. Wow! Your sister is only 18 months old, so you will be just over 2 years apart! I have been in disbelief for the last two weeks, I know the test is positive and my period did not start, but other than that I do not feel pregnant at all. About 2 days after we found out, I told my closest friend and she assured me that everything was going to be fine. I am nervous for this pregnancy because pregnancies are hard for me and my body with the gestational diabetes, and it is very stressful for me - I am constantly worrying about the baby's health and safety in there! But now that the idea of having another little one has sunk in a little more, I know that I will be fine and will do everything in my power to make sure you are healthy! So far I have not experienced any of my usual symptoms, no nausea, breast soreness, fatigue, nothing....yet! Which is different from my other pregnancies. I made our first appointment for August 3rd, and I am looking forward to hearing your heart beat and seeing you on the ultrasound. Maybe God is blessing me this time and not giving me a rough first trimester. I am hopeful that this pregnancy will not be as stressful as the last. We have managed to keep this to ourselves (besides my closest girlfriend & husband) so far. I have been fake drinking beers, by dumping them out and filling them with sparkling water. It seems to be doing the trick, as your Aunts are always on to me when I stop having a drink when we get together. Especially over the fourth of July weekend! I think I would like to keep you a secret until our first appointment, if we can make it. Your dad is super excited for your arrival and to tell everyone! I have looked up gender predictions on the Chinese Calendar and most have said Girl, but according to one calendar the dates in which you were conceived are right on the borderline of being a boy or a girl. Only 14 more weeks and we will know for sure! We will see if we can keep this secret for about another three weeks....and I can't wait to surprise everyone! Your Nana Jean has been wanting her 20th grandchild every since your older sister was born, and she tells me every chance she gets that I am her only hope to get to that number 20, so you will be pretty special to her! You are joining a crazy big family of cousins! Nana's birthday is August 3rd, so thinking of announcing it then!  

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