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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2016-09-30  (baby has arrived)
Tommy's 1st sleepover
To a ohio state buckeyes game in ohio with friend Rylan from oak view and pathway. On october 1st 2016. Spending 2 nights.  
2016-09-23  (baby has arrived)
Mc 9/16/16
I had my period aug 7th. We went to vegas the 14th-18th.I ovulated the 21st. I found out I was pregnant with light positive on labor day coming home from the lake on sept 5th. I was due may 14th mothers day. I had taken tests 9 10 11 dpo but no results. Tests stayed light. I knew something wasnt right luke my last miscarriage in 2012. Got a weeks estimator and it said pregnant 2-3 weeks so went up. But a few days later it said 1-2 weeks. On fri sept 16th. Nicholas 5 th bday I started bleeding and crampy. Went for hcg and progesterone test and awaiting results. Bright red blood tissue coming out.when I pee. Some in pad. I miscarried last time on Tommys 4th birthday in may 2012. We know we dont need another child but this is still a loss and takes some time to heal. I also got sick with a cold on tuesday before bleeding and have been cramping for weeks. Not fun! Im reafy to get back to life...running...biolife and being myself. Progesterone 1.9 sat. 9/17 hcg 122 9/19 sun. hcg 47 9/21 wed. 6 5w5day 9/16/16 Stopped bleeding 9/23 a week later. Have had a cold for over a week..throWing up and toothache. Oct 1st- positive ov test  
2016-09-23  (baby has arrived)
Kids start school 2016
Tommy started school on the 11th of August with Mrs. Wilson in 2nd grade. She is having twin boys next month so he will be getting a substitute probaby the rest of the year. He likes Oak view though and seems happy so far. Nicholas amd.Sarah started the 24th. Sarahs first.year of pre-k and nicholas' 2nd. Sarah is in Cavaliers where Nicholas used to be in the same class but with Mrs. Campbell. Nicholas moved down.the hall in JK with Mrs. W. He likes it and he has Mark in his class but missed Silas. Sarah did good! Didnt cry but the second day. She hung her backpack and finds her name. She us so brave and shy. She gets tired around 2 and the teacher holds her. I love watching them get in the car after school. So proud of them! Tommy is a big boy coming home on his own too. Hoping for a good year!  
2016-09-23  (baby has arrived)
Nicholas 5th Birthday 9/16/16
Well here we are #2 child is 5! He has been looking forward to this day for a long time. He now thinks because he is 5 he cant have pediasure. lol. He picked a spiderman DQ cake. He aaked for a robot batman remote control which Kristen got him. We got him a cowboy gun set handcuffs. A drone. A handheld sega game. A whoopie cushion a superman suit and a moyercycle remote contol. Also gloves for his poor little monkey bar hand blisters. He also did a pirate pinata. Tommy busted it! He had school that day and thr day before he got a little party and.I brought putting and graham crackers for the kids. He got cards from all his friends. We went to casa granda mexucan with.papa and Aunt Kristen was there too. Tyler came over later for cake and played with the kids. He loved it and cant believe how big he is now! He loves school and learning. Is coloring inaide the lines. Writing his name. He loves doing monkey bars and swing himself. He is thr best...our goobs...goober geist  

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