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2016-08-19  (baby has arrived)
Headed to Vegas 8/14/16
Headed to Vegas! 8/14/16. Last time was over 5 years ago in June...when I was pregnant with Nicholas. Staying at the Wynn tower suites again. Stephens 30th bday was yesterday. He went on a trip with his dad to a cubs game the day before and then just hung out as a family and got him new shors and went to dinner with papa. Had a treatzza pizza from dairy queenThis is the longest we have left the kids for 4 nights. We have done a few 1 nights and 1 2 night in Chicago. I will miss them! Katie and Jackson are watching them and I know they are in good hands. I hope to get alot of relaxation this trip and to reconnect. I have been so burnt out that this is much needed! When we get back it will be the start of school and craziness. I have volunteered for carpool this year at canterbury. Im hoping fir big changes thid year. My first break frim kids 3 days a week for a couple hours. I think it will be good. Tommy in second grade with Mrs. Wilson. Nicholas JK with Mrs. W and sarah starting cavaliers with Mrs. Campbell. Stephen working on selling thr business too. I hope for a good school year and looking forward to 2 cruises with the kids.  
2016-06-04  (36 weeks)
Sarah is 3! May 24th 2016
She is 3!!! 26 lbs! 36 1/2 in.Little thing! But biggee then tommy when he was 3. How time goes by and she is no longer a baby! She can dress herself, go to sleep now without my boobs! Yay! Put on hee shoes. Talks well and is so darn cute! We call her bear and coo! Starting to get an attitude but hoping we can deal with it. For her birthday we did a zoo day last week. On her day we went to the ymca park then picked out balloons and picked out a cake at walmart. She took a 3 hour nap and then our family met papa at her favorite place buffalo wild wings. She loves wings! Then came home and opened presents. She got peppa pig stuff her favorite show. pajamas, a swimsuit, a shirt she wore that day. A peppa play house. Some play princess shoes and a new bike and helmet! We had cake and got mad at Nicholas for blowing out her candle. Just me and Sarah went for a walk on her new bike while the boys played. It was already 8pm so we took showers played with the new toys and then watched peppa pig. She fell asleep for thr first time being 3!  
2016-06-04  (36 weeks)
Tommy is 8 may 17th 2016
Tommy likes school! He is in 1st grade at oakview. His teacher is Mrs.Hurley. He likes math time & field trips. His favorite sport is soccer. His friends are Nick and Jonah. He like cheese pizza and like to eat at casas,pizza hut, steak n shake, & buffalo wild wings. Favorite game is pokemon. Wanted a pokemon, soccer birthday. For his birthday he got a razor scooter, a kidizoom watch, pokemon book & movie and tincaps game tickets for his bday. He got a dq soccer cake. Went with papa after church and came home and celebrated! Played with balloons and his watch. He is brimging fruitsnacks to school to give everyone including Mr. Wilkins his principle. 52 lbs 50 1/2 in.  
2016-06-04  (36 weeks)
Schools out summer 2016
Well this is the first entry since losing my precious journal since I found out I wad pregnant with Tommy and updated it every month with each kid. Instead of pouting abouy it which has made me feel sick since I lost it a few months ago I ttied creating nrew journals but decided to go back to this and create new memories since my kids are still young and there are so many new memories. School is out for the summer! Tommy finished 1st grade ontop and Nicholas finished his first preschool year at canterbury. They have come so far! Tommy started way behind but mrs. Hurley got him on track with help. Nicholas learned his name and much more. Sarah will be going to cavaliers for her first year at canterbury. I just cant believe my babies arnt really babies anymore! They are growing so fast and we are having a blast. It can be hard but these are going to be the best years of my life and I am going to try to make aw many memories as possible.  

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