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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2008-09-12  (38 weeks)
Past 38 weeks

Hello there again! Well, I've hit the point where God begins preparing us for little sleep. Here I am at 4:30 am wide awake, and there's nothing I can do about it... Quite frustrating, but I've dealt with insomnia in the past so I know how to deal and function on little to no sleep for extended periods of time. (Which I suppose is a good thing to know going into motherhood) :-) 

Well, since my last entry we have completed our childbirthing class, gotten pretty much everything we need and then some, and set it all up. So, I'm kind of just twiddling my thumbs waiting for AJ to grace us with his presence. I'm quite bored as my doctor put me on bed rest 2 weeks ago, and I'm a high energy person, so this combo doesn't bode well for me, but I suppose that's why it's necessary. When your feet look like the feet of the characters from Wall-E, you know you have a problem.

At my appointment today my doctor decided to inform me that she thinks he's breech as well, which is frustrating because it means all those braxton hicks contractions I've been getting are doing nothing in the way of pushing AJ downwards. I have an ultrasound on Tues to confirm whether this is the case, and if it is it looks like a c-section is in the near future. The one positive is maybe they'll do the c-section sooner than later, which I am all about at this point in the game.  I slid to the end of my patience rope about 6 days ago, and each day since then has been quite the challenge to stay relatively balanced. Andrew's been a great support though, so I'm very blessed in that department.

Well, I'm off to drink some warm milk in hopes it will induce sleep since none of the home remedies for inducing labor have worked :-) Goodnight (hopefully)!

2008-08-09  (33 weeks)
Almost there! 33 weeks

As I said before, I'm not the best at getting on the internet regularly enough to keep this updated to par; but nonetheless I'm trying :-)

So we're at week 33! Much has happened since week 17 as I'm sure you could assume. At week 20 we found out we're having a boy (woo-hoo!), and his name will be Andrew John (A.J.).  We can't wait to meet him. My nausea has diminished,  but my feet are extremely swollen which inhibits me from anything more than 20 min of feet time in a row (which subsequently hinders me from working til the baby comes as my job requires much more than 20 min of feet time) I've been keeping busy though, so it's been alright.

The nursery is set up, which is crazy to see a baby's room across from our room, but exciting all the same! It's decorated in classic winnie-the-pooh (much cuter than the disney winnie-the-pooh if you ask me) and the color theme is beige/brown/and sage green :-) I love it, personally :-)

Our baby shower is in 2 weeks which I'm looking forward to! My mom is throwing it for me, and she's had a blast planning it. She can't wait to be a grandma :-) Well, actually, I think she just can't wait to hold a little baby again on a regular basis, but still, she's psyched :-) She will be watching him one day a week so i can still continue my hours as a massage therapist and not loose my license, and she has accumullated more baby items for her house than I have so far :-) (Horray for garage sales!)

We still haven't take a childbirthing class yet. We're scheduled to start ours on Aug 21st and it runs til sept 11th. Cutting it close, I know, but Andrew was in EMT-B classes all summer on the one night that they offer childbirthing classes at our hospital, so we had to wait til his class was completed this week. I'm looking forward to that, more for my husband's sake than mine I think :-) It will be a fun time to spend focusing on what our lives will be like in just a few short weeks.

Other than that, I'm just ready for baby to come join us out here. Pregnancy is a miracle, but I can't say I'll miss it :-) I'm ready to have my body back to the way it was- function wise, not weight wise (although weight wise would be nice too :-) )

Well, Hopefully I'll be able to enter another entry before the  baby comes, but if not, we'll see you on the otherside of motherhood! :-)

2008-04-15  (17 weeks)
Week 17 begins :-)

Well, I'm terrible about spending any significant amount of time on the internet, but I'm finally back for another entry! We've had 2 doctor's visits since my last entry and all is still well. Baby's heart is beating fine, I'm still in good health (no diabetes, high/low blood pressure, or anything of the sort), and I'm still gaining within the recommended limits which is good. However, I still freak when i look at the scale being 10 lbs higher than before. Knee jerk reaction i guess :-) My friends tell me I'm showing, but strangers still look at me like I've just gained weight and are afraid to ask. Our waitress this morning at breakfast (who has known me for years because my friends and I go there every week) Finally overheard my cousin mention the pregnancy while she was getting our orders and was like, "So you ARE pregnant! I was wondering, but was so afraid to ask, just in case I was wrong" That just started happening like last week, so it's been pretty entertaining.

I'm finally feeling better on a regular basis which I am SOOOO happy about. I still get tired around noon and have to take an hour nap or grab a cup of coffee, depending on what my day allows for. I've actually had to pull over twice while driving and sleep in my car for a while because I was falling asleep behind the wheel in the middle of the day. People keep telling me I'll feel like superwoman soon, but I'm still eagerly awaiting that transformation :-)

I have had a few cravings, not many, but a few. One was a cinnabon. Not just any cinnamon roll... No, it HAD to be CINNABON! So my poor husband was "encouraged" (as i call it) to drive me an hour to the nearest cinnabon place. An hour there and an hour back at 7 pm at night. :-) He's a trooper! A few others have been beef stew and coconut shrimp (not together of course).

My strangest food thing has been my inability to eat bananas. Now this doesn't sound too weird at first glance, but there is some background to it. I usually HATE bananas, with a burning passion. Maybe it has something to do with the kids in grade school calling me "Brianna Banana" on a daily basis, but who knows. Anyways, as soon as i got pregnant, bananas started looking really good, so i began eating them for pretty much the first time in ages. Now, I was sick all the time no matter what I did or didn't eat for like 2 months so i didn't attribute bananas to be the source of blame. However, when i started feeling better I began noticing a pattern... I would ONLY get sick after eating a banana. They still looked good, tasted good, and smelled good, but i'd always be running to the bathroom 30 min later. Go figure. Then one morning, we had a batch of bananas on the verge of going bad since i could no longer eat them, so i decided to make banana muffins.  I was not intending on eating them since i didn't want to be sick, but i thought it would be a nice treat for my husband who has been quite the giver through all this. Well, I began making them and within 30 min I was kneeling before the porcelien goddess again. I hadn't even EATEN one! And they SMELL GOOD! I don't get it, but it's been a source of joking within my family that i cannot be within 20 feet of a banana. ???

We decided on a new girls name if it's a girl. Jania Mele Saxer. Andrew is picky about names ( at least, about the names I picked) so i had him find a name he liked and i ended up liking it. I found the middle name, so i guess it was a combined effort in the end. The boy's name was decided weeks ago and that will be Andrew John Saxer and we will call him AJ so we don't have to differentiate between him and my husband by calling them "Big Andrew" and "Little Andrew" (that always drives me a little crazy when people do that- no offense to anyone who does, of course)

We have another doctor's appointment on May 7th, and that's when we get the ultrasound and see if the baby will reveal to us whether they're a boy or a girl. I'm looking forward to that. Hearing the heart beat is cool, but seeing a face is going to be the clincher for me I think.

Well, I believe that's all for today folks! I'll see you back here soon! Tata for now!

2008-03-03  (10 weeks)
Entry #1

Well, thanks to Lisa Hackbarth, I now am officially beginning my pregnancy journal :-) As of today we are 10 weeks and 5 days along! Horray! I finally have the energy to sit here long enough a type a full entry, which as dull as that sounds is big news to me :-) I've been so sick for almost 5 weeks now, but last week there was silver lining of good days, and now I'm having more good days than bad. So it's back to work I go!

They say, write everything down, because it's amazing the details you forget; so here it goes! We found out that baby was coming on January 18, 2008. I was feeling pretty nauseaus already and thought maybe I had an ulcer, but 3 pregnancy tests later I realized it definitely wasn't ulcer related :-) I told Andrew first (obviously), and he was pleasantly suprised (mark the suprised aspect of that), i think the reality is still setting in for him :-) As for me, I was so excited, but afraid to tell people cause I didn't want to jinx it, or something  :-) (yes, I know that sounds odd, but hey, it's the truth).

I had plans already to go to my Nana's house that day with my mom and aunt janet so andrew came with me and I let him break the news (like i said, i didn't want to jinx it). They were all so excited! Then my mom spent a few hours debating whether or not she wanted to tell my dad face to face that night or whether we should tell him. So around 3 pm that afternoon she decided to let us tell him. So andrew gave my dad a call and shared the news with him. He was obviously very excited as well. From there we broke the news to Andrew's parents, extended family and friends alike. This will be the first grandchild on my side, the 11th on andrew's side i believe, the first great-grandchild on the Kurland side, and second great-grandchild on the Steinke side :-)

As for food cravings: no specific cravings yet. It's more been food aversions thus far :-). However, there a few stock foods that I have found i can eat even when I'm sick: potatoes, raisin bran cereal, bagels (but NOT toast... go figure), and lunchables. I absolutely cannot stand the sight of tomatoe based sauces (except for ketchup), saltines, or non creamy soups... i still can't figure out the logic, but it's the facts :-)

Our first doctor's appointment was on Feb 1, 2008. After taking a few tests the doctor came in and confirmed that we were "very pregnant". Apparently the pregnancy hormone was very high in my system. I don't know what the "normal" amount is, but apparently mine was high (which explains why I've been SOOO sick). We then had our first ultrsound and confirmed we were 6 weeks and 2 days along, and we got to see the little ones heart beating :-) very cool! I think this floored andrew more than myself  as he proceeded to keep the picture in his planner :-)

We have another doctor's appointment tomorrow so I will have more of an update then. We'll talk to you then!



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