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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2014-08-13  (7 weeks)
Week 5 July 28yh Monday
This weekend Rei & I are still nervous the tests aren't right.... I do 2 more tests & we throw around the Mom name, a little bit of nerves & that Jackie is going to be a big brother. Monday, I got see Dr Nwachuku, we joke it was his luck that got me pregnant! It's been 2 weeks since my appointment for blood work haha. He gives me the definite positive news & I asks some do & don't questions & schedule my ultra sound for Aug 28th..... A loonnggg 4 weeks away Symptoms: stomach feels tight & I'm getting super bloated. I'm going to bathroom 3 times during night.... Dr prescribes antibiotics... Maybe UTI. I thought for sure it was. Next week find out it wasn't!!! Just normal prego symptoms! I definitely feel different down there Boobs are much bigger already, look great :) Getting kind or tired at night  
2014-08-13  (7 weeks)
July 25th Telling Ali & Halz
Friday 25th, I get another ++ test in the morning! I can't wait to tell Ali! I FaceTime her & Halz! Ali cries & immediately starts planning. Halz, just settled in FL was so happy and had a big smile! IM SO HAPPY TODAY! I'm 4 weeks at this point....  
2014-08-13  (7 weeks)
July24 2014
Thursday, I would normally start my period today, & thought I was as I had sharp pains down low (unusual) and was very tired. Normally each month I had taken a pregnancy test,& decided to grab one today & just do it! Normally the negative sign takes a while, but this time the positive signs popped right up!! I couldn't believe it and just kind of laughed. I went into the living room & told Reilly I needed to show him something.... He was very confused. We both looked at each other in question & decided it could be wrong,& we'd take another one tomorrow :)  
2014-08-13  (7 weeks)
The love story continues....
Reilly & I got married 6-28-2013. We were anxious to start a family but waiting for the right time. Jan 13th 2014, in Wichita KS we decided it was the right time! We were told it could take 15 month to get pregnant. July 2014 I went to Dr Nwachuku in Silver City & had blood work done to determine ovulation.... Little did I know 2 weeks later I'd find out the news were pregnant! So the journey begins:  

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