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2014-07-24  (25 weeks)
First time doing this :O
Hello my name is chelsea I am 21 and I am married to a wonderful man he is in the army and we are in New York. We found out we are pregnant feb 26 2014. This was not planned. But we are 110% okay with it. The pregnancy is getting harder and harder, I am due Nov 2 but we shall see what my son wants to do haha. My husband finally got to feel him kick and move :D he loves it. I do got to say I am starting to get really nervous that the due date is 14 weeks away, we are getting everything done and planned we just need to get the hospital bag and the baby bag ready we have a few things to do but so far so good. I really dont know how my husband feels that the due date is coming up fast. I dont think it hit him yet. i can not wait till the day and see his face when he gets to hold his son for the first time. : ) well that is it for the first time have a great day everyone  

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