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2016-10-29  (12 weeks)
2nd Trimester is Here!
I'm so happy to have completed 12 weeks! Last week I had a Dr's appointment and got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time! I brought Trevor with me, so he got to hear too. I think he was excited to feel like he was a part of it all! The heart beat was 166. I didn't have any weight gain and I got all my genetic testing done...which this was a first for me and something new I believe. Maybe if it's for women who are over a certain age. Anyway, the test is supposed to be 99% accurate for gene testing and mine came back all clear! It's amazing, I could have found out the gender already through this test! No way, of course :) Last week and this week I have experienced a few days, and sometimes more just certain times of the day, of feeling sick. I feel so blessed that I don't feel like that all the time. I don't know how women deal with that!Sometimes there is food that I can't imagine eating, but I'm so hungry at the same time. One day I was feeling pretty pukey but knew it would get worse if I didn't eat. The only thing I could imagine eating was Burger King chicken nuggets (really?!). I was out with the kids, so we drove up to the drive thru and the second I saw all the pictures of the other meals, I had to drive right by and get that out of my head! Drove thru again, with blinders on lol, and got my chicken nuggets! I have still been feeling really fatigued and my body just feels tired. I have very little energy, which is totally reflecting my house right now. Between homeschooling the kids and Steve working a ton lately (and being prego and all) I'm spent. This last week I've grown! I had to go get myself some maternity jeans, and a couple new tops. I always feel so insecure when my belly starts to grow so early. I mean, we all know it's not all baby! I need to get over it and not care what people think. But I'd be lying if I didn't say, that's what it all boils down to. We just announced this pregnancy over social media yesterday and there's a friend from church of mine who commented that she was also due in May. Her due date is the day after mine! Of course now I feel like I'm going to be compared to her...what is wrong with me?! I've worked really hard in trying to be more confident and spend less time thinking about myself in this aspect. It was a lot easier to do not being pregnant lol. Another challenge I have to overcome, and I pray I do. Because this is my last pregnancy and I don't want to spend it feeling down about what I look like. I want to enjoy and embrace every second of it! Oh also, I felt the baby move! I've had several times of feeling flutters and unmistakable movement from little baby Sully! THE BEST! Actually, the best is yet to come. Hopefully in about 5 weeks I will start feeling this baby on the outside and the kids and Steve will be able to too!! Ahhhhh I seriously cannot wait! Had a crazy dream the other night...too long to tell the whole thing but it was so weird. The baby got really big, poked out of the side of my tore through! A school nurse removed the baby, it died immediately and she sewed me up in the middle of a public indoor place on a bench. I was freaked out and felt sad and exhausted. Pregnancy dreams are nuts!  
2016-10-07  (9 weeks)
My Waist is Disappearing
I swear, last week I took a picture of myself thinking, wow, I don't even look like anything has changed hahaha! From week 8 to 9, the biggest difference is definitely a thicker waist. Just yesterday I started to have to use the old elastic trick on my jeans button. Made things a lot more comfortable! Thankfully, I haven't gained any weight yet. But I feel like I have, if that makes sense?! I've been more hungry this week, but I still have moments where I couldn't imagine eating at all. Yesterday morning we were getting ready to head out to my kids home school co-op and I knew I needed to eat something, and all I could imagine eating was a banana. I took a couple bites and it didn't taste like a banana. It tasted so weird! I decided to throw it in our lunch bag and give it a try later. Sure enough, later it tasted just like a banana haha. Pregnancy does some WEIRD things to the body!! Our "secret" is becoming less and less of a secret as each day goes by. It's getting a little easier to share since I'm feeling like things are much more real. But we still have some family that doesn't know because we want to tell them in person and haven't seen them; my grandparents and some extended fam...hopefully soon! I won't be able to physically hide it anymore! I've also felt some early Braxton Hicks contractions, nothing concerning or even uncomfortable. I can just feel it. The symptom that is pretty constant, is fatigue. I don't remember being this tired in the past 3 pregnancies, but my husband assured me I was lol. Thankfully, still not throwing up and I'm guessing I probably won't since I never have during any pregnancy. But often I wake up feeling pretty close to it! Sometimes during the afternoon, I get that feeling too. Nothing too crazy, thank GOD! Week 9 is in the books! On to week 10 :)  
2016-09-27  (7 weeks)
First Dr's Appt.-Told the Kids!
Today is Tuesday, which means tomorrow I finish/start another week of pregnancy! Wednesday is my day this time around. Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks, yay! This first trimester is going as slow as molasses, but I can't complain, with how smooth things have gone. Last week, I had an ultra sound and got too see baby's heart beating. I felt this rush come over me when I saw it, got a big lump in my throat and a big smile on my face as my eyes filled with happy tears. What confirmation to see a heart something the size of a blueberry!! I got what I needed for this to feel as real as it can right now. My dates matched exactly what the baby measured. Which, that day, was 6 weeks, 5 days. The Dr. Appt portion went great too. He was a little unexpected to see me in that condition hahaha. But he was happy for us and talked to us about watching my uterus carefully towards the end since I have already had 3 sections. I guess it can get thin at the bottom. Also talked about tying my tubes, which I probably will do. The next evening, we decided to share the news with the kids. It went almost exactly as I anticipated. Tessa (who turned 5 the day before) cried her eyes out for at least 20 minutes. Warren (8) had a big huge smile on his face and seemed pretty excited. Trevor (almost 10) held back tears. Tears that stemmed from being unsure of how he felt, scared of change, and just pure uncertainty. The video we took could possibly be famous on Ellen someday haha. One week later, the kids are all really excited and getting more and more used to the idea. Tessa originally had questions like, "what if the baby doesn't like me?" and "now I won't be able to snuggle in bed with you." It's crazy what goes on in the head and emotions of a 5 year old little girl. And as funny as the video seems, I actually felt kind of sad to watch it at first! Their world is about to change completely! I didn't even know what to do with those feelings, how can I expect them to?! Now they want to feel kicking and see my belly grow :) A little ways to go, but it will be here before we know it! I have been feeling pretty good. Other than moments of being lightheaded and very short spurts of nausea, I've mostly just been extremely tired. Feeling this tired is not my norm. I hate having no energy and am hoping that this stage of exhaustion is short lived. I was sick over the weekend with a bad cold. Low grade fever, non stop runny nose, body aches, chills, sore throat and NO MEDS! Thankfully, it didn't last long. But it wiped me out. I was reading some of my old journals from previous pregancies and one thing that seems different this time around is, I'm not as hungry (yet). I seemed to be pretty ravenous the last 3 times lol. I have moments where I know I need to eat or I'll feel gross. But it's not constant. In fact, sometimes I don't want to eat at all. I haven't had aversions, but in one minute I'll want my favorite snack and the next it won't be appealing at all. I actually handed over my bowl of ice cream to my son to finish last night because I just had zero desire for it. Since ice cream is my favorite food EVER, I take it something else is controlling my body hahaha. I haven't gained any weight, I've actually lost a couple of lbs. I don't look pregnant at all, except for the fact that my boobs are bigger (and hurt pretty bad!). All my other pregnancies, I couldn't hold the gut in very good by this point lol. So I guess that's a good thing! I weigh more this time around (by 6 or 7lbs) so I want to gain slowly and not be a whale!!! Trying to stay active and exercise this time around and eat healthy. We'll see how that works out!  

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