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2016-09-07  (5 weeks)
5 Weeks Today!
I always hate finding out about a pregnancy so early on! Only 5 weeks but feels like I've known for a lifetime. We got home from vacation on Sunday night and I have still been experiencing a brownish tinge on my TP after peeing sometimes. From all my Googling, it seems like it's pretty normal. I've had no cramping or actual bleeding. I still have pregnancy symptoms too. It sounds like it may be from my uterus expanding. I decided to get a blood test done to be sure. I just got my results back and they were good! Showed as positive, numbers were 4552.5, which the woman on the phone said that was about 5 weeks. According to my calculations, I'm 5 weeks today! I feel better knowing that things are on track. 12 days till the ultra sound! My chest is getting more sore each day, and feeling a little fuller than normal. I also just have that feeling in my uterine area. It's not like a period cramp, just a soreness. Kind of a muscular feeling. Today my house was as cool as can be and I just started sweating like crazy out of nowhere! All I was doing was emptying the dishwasher. I felt SO hot. I am not a big sweater at all, but I was definitely producing some in this moment. So weird what hormones can do to us. In other news, I've been emotional and moody. Which comes along with all this, but I also received some sad news about a very good friend of mine on Monday. We're not sure if she's going to make it and it's been hard for me to handle right now. Tuesday morning was the first time I woke up and totally forgot I was pregnant. I just couldn't get my friend off my mind. Praying for a miracle and when I need to smile or be happy, I have this little baby to think of. If you happen to read this, please say a prayer for my friend!  
2016-09-02  (4 weeks)
Officially one month! I'm feeling like things are getting a little more official all together. I've officially missed my period, I've officially had implantation bleeding, I've officially watched that second line get darker and darker, and I've officially told my sister, bff, and parents. I was due for my period on August 31st, today is September 2nd! The last couple of days I've been emotional and easily lost in thought. No matter what I do, I can't stop thinking about this pregnancy. I still can't believe it! Anyway, Tuesday (the 30th) I think it was late morning, I went pee and noticed on the tp that there was the slightest streak of blood. So small that it could've easily been overlooked if I wasn't examining each time I went pee lol! I assumed it was implantation bleeding. Then on Wednsday night, I peed before bed and had spotting. It wasn't period looking at all. More of a pinkish color mixed with some brown. I had it again in the morning on Thursday and it slowly got more brown and old looking. Sometimes it would have some discharge too. I was getting nervous. I've never had implantation bleeding or spotting last this long in my 3 previous pregnancies. But everything Ive been reading says this is normal. I also took another test to make sure the line wasn't fading and it wasn't. Stronger than ever! Thursday I was a little more tired than normal, a little more sore than normal (felt that dull cramp in lower abdomen and pulling feeling...both sides of lower abdomen had some dull pains too) and a little more emotional! My breasts are getting slightly more sore and tingly feeling each day, but just slightly. I've also had, in the later part of the day, that car sick feeling. Especially if I get hungry for too long. We've been away on vacation in the white mountains since Sunday. While here, I texted my twin sister and my bff to tell them about me being pregnant. Yes, I texted them. These are my people and I texted them lol. I needed them to know but I just couldn't handle the emotions or give the energy to a real conversation. So lame, but whatever! Then my parents arrived here yesterday. I threw the kids outside for 2 minutes and said to them, "while I have a second without the kids, i need to tell you something" (unexpectedly crying more and more as the moment continued). I burst out into tears and said "I'm pregnant!" My held in emotions just came out...I think I actually looked sad. My mom immediately said, "why are you crying?!" And hugged me, and my dad hugged me and both congratulated us and were excited. Very surprised, but happy, and supportive. It was such a huge release to be able to tell them. I also called the dr and made an appointment. I go on the 19th...which is my daughter's 5th birthday! I'll get an ultrasound and appt with my obgyn. I can't wait to see my baby on that screen! That will make it very real.  
2016-08-28  (3 weeks)
Still Positive
Yesterday morning I took another test...actually I took two. I have a few called Veriquick from the Dollar Tree. I woke up at 5am having to pee wicked bad. I had drank a ton of water right before bed and fell asleep without going to the bathroom first. My positive line was pretty light. I got a little nervous. Then I decided not to drink anything until after I peed next. Which was a couple hours later. The positive line definitely got darker. I'm getting headaches that I know are hormonal. Breasts are still slightly tender, and lower abdomen still feeling a little crampy and bloated. We had an annual beach party yesterday and driving there, I felt really emotional. Just wanted to burst out in tears. I have so many feelings going on about this and it's building up inside me. My parents were there the whole time and I hate keeping secrets. Someone even asked us at one you guys think you'll have any more?! Hubby just said, "it's not in our plan but you never know!" (Good answer, Hun!). The good part of the day was that I was distracted. While the thought of this growing little life inside me never completely left my brain, it helped to not be consumed with thought. This morning I took another test and still positive! It's crazy, I'm not due for my period till Wednesday (ish) and it's only Sunday. These dollar tree tests must be sensitive! We leave for a 7 day vaca today. Just my husband, our three kids and me. My parents will meet us for the second half of the trip. Which will be really hard. I won't predict if I will tell them yet or not. I don't want to set myself up for anything with this. I say it's hard because I want to tell them so badly, but I'm also nervous of their reaction. I'm 34 years old, married for 10 years with 3 kids and I'm still nervous to tell my parents lol. They know I have a lot on my plate with my three kids and that we're just getting to a spot, financially, where there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So they're being parents when they tell me that I have the perfect size family and not to make any crazy decisions lol. I've always said I'd have ten babies if I could. I love a big family! The plan was always 3. Before we even got engaged, we both wanted 3 kids. Our plan is not always THE plan; His plan. And God's plan is the one I need to trust!  
2016-08-26  (3 weeks)
Early Detection!
Today I decided to take a pregnancy test. I'm not due for my period until Wednesday but I had a FR 6days Sooner test under my sink and was kind of eager and anxious all at the same time. My husband and I already have 3 kids. 9 1/2, 8, and 5 years old. We were thinking we were probably done! We haven't used birth control in over ten years, all of our kids were planned, and we've done great with my very regular cycle!...but this month I was thinking there could have been one time that we just weren't as careful as we usually are. So low and behold, I got a very faint line on the FR test with my first morning pee. Kinda freaking out! We haven't been in baby mode for years and life is slowing down from diapers and running around toddlers. At the same time, I'm so excited about this!! We don't have the space or the finances that we'd like to for this but I'm praying we won't let that worry us. Tonight I bought a few more tests at the dollar store and sure enough, positive...a little darker of a line. I'll retest in the am. We're not saying a word to anyone at the moment, and that is so hard for me! Thankfully, we're headed out on vacation in a couple of days and I'll be away from my friends. I'll wait till I at least miss my period. As far as symptoms...slight tenderness in my chest as the day has gone by, but nothing crazy. Tenderness in my lower abdomen and lower back cramps a little. On and off headache and definitely tired, but I'm mentally drained, so that's not helping! The last couple of days I have felt a little off but I've had a lot going on so it may be unrelated to pregnancy. My symptoms are very mild at the moment!  

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