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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2016-06-03  (6 weeks)
Thursday June 2, 6 weeks 6 days
This week has been much better since I've been on the prednisone for a week now. I am really constipated though which has been literally a 180 from the previous weeks of constant diarrhea. My stomach is so popped out and hard it's like I literally am showing already. I can't suck it in but it feels like it's just poop but it could be the baby too. So crazy. The steroids are making me anxious as well and I hate that feeling of depression. Went to Dr. Abrahm today and he wants me to start Humira to taper off the steroids which I'm good with because Humira never gave me side effects. Just praying I can afford it. My cravings have gone opposite than the first few weeks where all I wanted was carbs. I still want carbs but I don't want any fish lately which is all I mainly eat. I had been dying for a bean and cheese burrito and last Sunday I got Del Taco! I still could go for one. I got Olive garden today too! I just want a pizza too... I think I want cheese anything cheese sounds amazing! I also went to the high risk Dr. this week and I felt very comfortable with him. He was really really good and talked through everything with me so thoroughly. He has many women with my condition taking the same meds and have healthy pregnancies and babies and I'm so happy to hear that. God's doing a work. On a side note, I'm debating on what to do to get started with my blog stuff that's been on my heart and even possibly selling Plexus or Rodan and Fields to get some side income I just don't know. I feel like that is a great opportunity but it might be distracting me from doing what I've been really wanting to do for so long with my video blog. We shall see.  
2016-05-29  (6 weeks)
6 weeks 3 days! May 28, 2016
Praise God I am feeling soooo much better thanks to starting prednisone. I literally slept through the night last night for the first time all night long. My tummy is kind of constipated just getting used to the steroids but it will calm down. Today I saw my first visible sign of being pregnant! I felt my boobs getting a bit fuller and as I was brushing my teeth I looked and saw blue veins all over my entire body!! Literally like trees over my body and boobs it was the coolest thing to see. God truly is miraculous how can you go through this process and not glorify Him or even recognize His creation. I'm in awe. I'm still craving carbs galore, Heidi thinks I'm having a girl. I got to take a picture with Steph and Heidi yesterday too.. Our first one with the babies in our tummys. I just want to cry I'm so so happy for the first time I'm really letting it sink in since the last few weeks were such hell just focusing on getting past the colitis torture. I told Bri and Tanya today and they both cried and really encouraged me and made me feel special. I keep praying for this baby (or babies).... And praising the Lord for such a wonderful gift! Tomorrow dad and Lisa are coming to church so else can finally tell them :). Thank you Jesus I truly don't deserve all your blessings and grace.  
2016-05-25  (5 weeks)
Week 5 Day 5 May 25th 2016
Well it's already been quite the journey in the few weeks since we've found out. I hadn't felt too much nausea which was great but last week I started Lialda to get the colitis under control (still been bleeding prior to and through finding out about the pregnancy). As soon as the next day the diarrhea I was having got worse and worse. For 5 days I literally had pure diarrhea 3-5 times a day and all through the night, I wasn't sleeping at all I was cramping so bad and in and out of the bathroom all night so I slept on the couch several nights so I wouldn't wake Phil. I kept taking my medicine and everything else I was taking, my herbs and plexus, not really thinking much of it other than "it'll pass". Then, Sunday it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was not ok! I went from ok to absolutely no energy and feeling like death. Literally felt like after you have food poisoning and your body is just shot. I tried to relax but the next day I called my GI dr. and they suggested I got to urgent care to get checked. I was definitely low on hemoglobin and had an IV to get my hydration pumped up. Definitely made me feel better but also made me think... oh boy here we go, and we're only in the beginning. I knew I needed to get the colitis under control and acupuncture is what I wanted to continue but we don't have the money for it. Sure enough my mom reminded me to pray specifically for a door to open for the funds if it's His will. The next day, Tuesday, Cynthia told me her and Ruben wanted to bless us and pay for our next round of acupuncture! They deposited $1,500 in our bank account. Wow.... God is so so good He truly knows our needs before we even ask and He will provide. Phil had been listening to some worship songs and they kept saying, "you will see it through until the end". We've held onto that promise that He truly will get us through each step. Our next prayer is for continued healing in the colitis and for an open door if it's His will for us to move into a bigger place and get out of our lease early. Again, Cynthia called me and said she had a dream last night that we were at a worship conference and they called me and Phil up and said "Because of your Worship I will bless you" and gave us a bag full of $500,000. She said we were shouting, "it's for our house!". Then they reached back and gave us another $500K bag and said "money is nothing to God and it's a drop in the bucket". So maybe the Lord is going to do another crazy miracle with the housing situation but for now we are so overwhelmed with His goodness this far and all the promises He's given us that have come true already for this baby. Our verse holds strong that He gave Phil in December Isaiah 25:1 : Lord, you are my God. I will exalt and praise your name. For in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago. Today I have not been feeling too great physically. Still really low on energy and super weak. It's killing me that I can't workout or go on walks I just hate being cooped up in the house! I am trying to eat bland foods easy on my tummy but my cravings want so much more than just that. I'm going to see a high risk obgyn next week and get her ok if I should start prednisone or not. I'm definitely not wanting to do that but whatever it takes I'll do as long as it's safe for the baby. I don't want to feel this way anymore. On top of all this.... I need to be on light bed rest so I have to quit women's ministry for a while. Just when I was getting started and doing so well leading with Ellen. The Lord is really showing me so much though, I need to let go of how I think I should be and what others will think of me and be ok with just spending time with the Lord and taking care of myself and the baby. Well... that's all for now.... going to go to target if I can make it :)  

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