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2016-04-14  (9 weeks)
OMG!! I am pregnant!!
I always wanted a baby or let me clarify that, i always liked the idea of having a baby!!! but when i actually i thought i was pregnant i was like OMG!!. Don't get me wrong i didn't get pregnant by accident we actually planned it since Jan 2016. Though i wanted to get pregnant from 2014 from the time we got married, but had to wait for your dad to get ON-BOARD!! Here i was sitting and having lunch "your place,SB" with some of your dad's friends and for the first time i didn't want to eat not even taste... that got me thinking that maybe i maybe pregnant but my periods was suppose to come that day so i decided to wait. I waited for 5 days and i was taking phelebotomy class in Oxnard on my way back from class i asked the Lord for a sign to delay me from going home straight so i will buy the pregnancy-kit. As i was approaching LINDEN AVE there was a train so the crossing was blocked i had to wait at the crossing. that was my SIGN. i went to RITE AID and got a kit and that was weakly positive This was on MARCH 7TH 2016. I was so excited after my OMG moment i had to tell your dad when he called. waited for another 3 days and did the test again and we confirmed that YOU WERE CONCEIVED!  

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