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2015-06-01  (31 weeks)
3rd baby 3D U/S
Last Tues, we did a 3D U/S. Here are some of the pix from the session. Everything's going fine for the moment. Will do a babymoon trip to NYC for a 4 day weekend this Fri, and did a hosp tour of the updated birth center @ the same hosp where Gavin was born, tho haven't decided whether to go there or the closer one yet. The OB only delivers @ the closer one, but if you're not there during their working hours, you get whoever w/ Kaiser.  
2015-05-09  (28 weeks)
3rd trimester and name decision
So we've come up w/ a name, Espen Arthur. 1st name cause of giving all our kids Norwegian names, the others have middle names n Norw. Arthur after my grandpa who died in Dec @ age 93. Everything's going smoothly, had irritatble uterus 3 wks ago & had to be monitored for 1.5 hrs but it's to be expected. I'm also trying to decide on a doula and booking maternity photos. The next few months will go by quick, and I'm glad school's almost over.  

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