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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2016-06-21  (4 weeks)
I feel like I'm on a roller coaster!
I can only begin my first blog post with a massive 'WOW'. To say I'm a tad overwhelmed is an understatement. I guess that I'm still in a bit of shocked to be perfectly honest. However in the same breath I am completely elated. I have always wanted a baby, I just love children and now that I've found out I'm pregnant it all feels a little surreal. I know they say that timing isn't everything but it definitely isn't ideal, is there ever a right time though? I think I knew I was pregnant before I even took the test. I guess when you know your body well you can begin to feel the changes not matter how subtle they are. After I took the test I just knew it would come back with a positive reading, but during that 3 minute I don't think I've been more anxious about anything in my life. When the stick flashed up the word 'pregnant' I just broke down. I still don't know whether they were tears of joy and happiness or tears of sadness. Since finding out my mind has been pretty busy processing everything including how to tell my significant other. We both have discussed children and both agreed that we would love to have family but we weren't planning on it happening this soon. I guess God just knows when your ready to recieve your gift of making and bringing a life into the world. What journey this is going to be, but I'm super excited and am really looking forward to the challenge of becoming a first time parent. When I broke the news to my partner there were mixed emotions, I could see that he was excited, nervous and I believe that he truely wanted to be happy but I could see that he was conflicted with emotions too. I know he is dealing with a lot right now and I've just added extra presure, but we are both strong and love each other dearly so we will make this work and we will enjoy the journey together no matter where it takes us. After all it is the beginning of becoming a true family, now is the time to make life long memories. I am yet to confirm my pregnancy, I have a Drs appointment on Thursday, not sure what to expect but I am very much looking forward to having some of my questions answered and embarking on my new role of becoming a mother. To my future child thank you for choosing me to be your mother, I promise to love you unconditionally no matter what, to provide a safe and nurturing environment so you can begin to flourish into a beautiful, intelligent, well-rounded person. I promise to provide you with all the love and support you need to embark on every step of your journey into life. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and holding you for the first time.  

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