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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2012-11-06  (0 weeks)
Halloween!! Entry #264
My daughter was a beautiful cupcake princess, I dressed up like a sorceress, and my sister was a Renissance woman. My husband was stuck working. We took our little cupcake princess to Hyvee for a small trick or treat. I didn't want to overwhelm her. She really enjoyed all of the costumes and afterwards she got ice cream with me from Baskin Robins. We got home and watched Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin! She giggled away and then headed off to bed. It was a good night. She is going to be such a wonderful big sister!  
2012-11-06  (0 weeks)
Entry #263 10 weeks!
I swore that I felt the baby move on Sunday. I felt my daughter at 12 weeks. I know that it is rare, but it is possible. My nausea was gone for about a week, but it came back last night with a vengeance! I am miserable this morning/afternoon. I am starting to get a semi noticeable bump. We ended up announcing the pregnancy on Sunday as there is just no way to keep it hidden anymore. It turns out a friend announced her pregnancy on Monday. Our daughters are 11 days apart and our second children are due 22 days apart. Kind of crazy. I feel like I am unable to eat and I have to force myself to do so. I can't wait for June and I am still in shock that I am expecting so soon, but I am very happy. I am already making plans for the new addition. 25% of my pregnancy is done! It went by so fast, so I can't imagine how fast these next 30 weeks will go. Maybe it is going by so fast, because I am so busy with my newly 1 year old? My baby is 1.2-1.5 inches and weighs slightly under a quarter of an ounce. He/she is the size of a prune. =) the baby is growing nails and is able to roll around. Baby has now entered the fetal stage! Excitement!!!  
2012-10-30  (0 weeks)
9 Weeks Today Entry # 262
My baby is about the size of a green olive! I know that baby can move, but of course I can not feel it yet. I felt my daughter at 12 weeks. I wonder when I will feel this little one flutter. I am certain that he/she is bouncing around in my uterus, having its own little party. My nausea is finally beginning to subside some. Maybe now I can gain some weight? I was already underweight, yet I lost 5 lbs. My dr gave me a prescription for Zofran. I never got it filled! Why? She wrote the wrong last name. She wrote my last name as Foster... That is not even close to my last name. Then it turned into this big hassle. Since my nausea is going away, it is not even worth it now. Oh well :-/ Tomorrow is Halloween! One year ago tomorrow, my little girl lost her umbilical cord and got her first full and real bath! I am hoping to take her out for a treat of ice cream! I am going to dress her up, but she is a bit young for trick or treating. I am so proud of her. She is so smart and beautiful. Every day looking at her is a joy.  
2012-10-24  (0 weeks)
Entry# 261 First Prenatal Appointment
My daughter turned one on the 18th. We took her to the zoo and she made out like a champ on presents. She is so amazing! I love her more than anything! Unfortunately my parents know that I am pregnant, because I took three bites of my favorite food and promptly threw up. This pregnancy is definitely unlike when I was pregnant with my daughter. We are telling my in-laws in December and everyone else will find out on New Years. I am thinking of several different ways to announce it! I had my first prenatal appointment today. I am measuring on track. My EDD is confirmed for June 4th, 2013. I love my new doctor and am so glad that I switched. I had an ultrasound and the little one was moving ever so slightly. The heart rate was 162 BPM. My baby is the size of a raspberry! She scheduled my 20 week anatomy scan for January 14th. I am so excited to see baby in more detail, but we are still not finding out the gender. My next prenatal appointment is November 21st. They gave me an awesome packet and I get to pre-register! Yay! I am delivering at a different hospital this time. I want a complete change due to a desire to not repeat my previous birth experience. I am super excited for my little Junebug! Here is to a happy and healthy remaining months and a healthy babe!!!  

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