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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2013-01-02  (0 weeks)
Entry #272 18 weeks 1 Day
12 days until my morphology scan!!! Baby is the size of a Sweet Potato!!! He/she measures at around 5.6 inches and weighs about 6.7 ounces!!! The baby has been kicking hard! I have still only gained one pound :-/. I am a little more moody now, but not too bad. Our daughter has been running around on her knees. She is such a character! I am so excited to have this baby. I bought our daughter, my sis's May Due baby, and our second child matching Christmas outfits sized for next year! They are going to look so cute. My sis is thrilled! Our girl(s) will have hair bows. The outfits can be either boy or girl. It was amazing, because they were $45 each, yet they were on clearance and then on sale for the storewide event. They only cost $4.58 each!!! I was so excited! I also picked up a couple of dresses for our daughter for next year. One will be perfect for my Sister in laws wedding. We are planning on going, but she has not set a date yet. If it is too close or right after delivery, The kids and I will be unable to attend. Time is moving by too fast! I feel like I just discovered this pregnancy, but I am already about halfway through. I am in a bit of shock that we are already at this point!  
2012-12-29  (0 weeks)
Entry #271 17 Weeks 4 Days
Baby is about 5 1/3 inches long and weighs a little over 6 ounces. My appetite is in full swing! I am always hungry! I eat non stop now, yet have only managed to put on a pound! My energy is still missing, but that is ok. I have been able to feel my baby moving often. I am so excited to be a mom of two! Christmas was fun. We had Corn beef Christmas Eve and on Chistmas I made a delicious pot roast. Our daughter loved her Rocking horse and toys. Her smile was priceless. I feel such joy to see her happy and I am always happy, because she is always a big bundle of joy. Her eighth tooth has popped through. That makes four on top and four on bottom. I have a busy week planned! Tomorrow we are hosting my husbands mother and sister for a few hours. On Monday I am spending the day with a friend on strict bedrest. Tuesday, I have a lunch date with my pregnant sister and then we are shopping the sales for a few baby items. Wednesday, I have plans to make it an extreme organization day of the upstairs. Thursday, I am finishing up the many crochet and sewing baby projects that I have going. Friday, I am initiating my husband's help on tackling the storage area. Today I have plans of reorganizing the kitchen. I do believe that part of my nesting has begun early. =) Despite my lack of energy, I still have this desire to complete a few things. I am currently looking forward to my appointment on January 14th!!!  
2012-12-20  (0 weeks)
Entry #270: 16 weeks 2 Days
I had my appointment this past Monday. Our June Bug had a heartbeat of 150 and is doing well. My next appointment is on January 14th. My sis also had her appointment on Monday. Her due date moved from May 16th to May 7th and they found out that it's a boy!!!! She is so excited! I have started planing her baby shower for late March- early April. She wants a jungle theme. My husband is excited to be a dad of two and has been super supportive. My appetite is completely back and I want everything meat!! Our daughter turned 14 months on Tuesday and has been just a bundle of joy. We got our tree ready last night and she is facisnated by it as well as her gifts from Nana and Opa. I am putting together her Rocking horse for Christmas morning and very soon we are taking her to get a picture with Santa. I have her stocking stuffers ready to go. I can't believe that the year is almost over. I also can't believe that We have a surprise bundle on the way for June! Some days it still feels unreal.  
2012-12-11  (0 weeks)
Entry #269 15 Weeks!!!
15 weeks today with number 2! Baby is about 4 inches and weighs roughly 2.5 ounces. It is the size of a Navel Orange!! My belly has a very nice bump and I look cute, but I am suffering from acne like I am a teen again. This did not happen with our daughter. Oh well, I guess. My morning sickness seems gone and I am slowly feeling my energy return. The baby has really been on the move and I felt it with my hand for the first time last night. Just one quick movement, but it gave me joy. I feel slightly overwhelmed with this unplanned surprise pregnancy still. I need to relax more. My craving are leaning towards meat and pizza. I love Turkey Bacon. My next appointment is in just 6 days. That is also the day that my sis discovers the gender of her baby. I can't wait! I will be one day shy of 16 weeks and will get to hear my little June Bug's heartbeat with my husband and daughter. Our daughter is still clingy and turns 14 months in a week. She is a late walker- no walking yet, but she has begun shuffling on her knees and climbing slightly. Maybe by February she will be running around like a champ. Love her to pieces! I really hope that she and June Bug are really close. Crossing my fingers and praying hard!  

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