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2013-02-17  (0 weeks)
Entry# 276 24 Weeks and 5 Days!
Oh my, I have not been nearly as diligent in writing as I was when I was pregnant with my daughter. My only excuse is the honest truth that I have been thoroughly preoccupied with my beautiful toddler. She is into everything! She is climbing and cruising. She has been standing alone, yet has not taken steps without holding on to something. I know that it will be any time now. She is quite the character and is very interested in babies. I hope that this bodes well for sibling love! Time seems to be flowing at a speed that is entirely too fast. I have washed and separated my daughter's old baby clothes to better prepare. I have been working on organizing. I find my energy lacking and exhausted by the time that my daughter takes her nap. This baby in my belly does not suffer for it though. He/she has been extremely vigorous. The baby's movements are now visible from the outside. We are doing well!  
2013-02-02  (0 weeks)
Entry#275- 22 Weeks and 4 Days
I am exhausted!! I am also a bit stressed. My sister still won't give me her invite list for the baby shower that I am throwing her, my toddler has been a moody mess these last few days, and I can't seem to get more than two hours of sleep a night. To top it off, I am currently downsizing our tons of stuff as we have no room for the new little one and I am getting absolutely no help from my husband. He works constantly and when he is home he sleeps or wants to spend time together. I understand, but we need to get things done. We have 4 months until baby. It seems like plenty of time to him, but it is not. The bigger that I get the more uncomfortable I get. I am chasing after our daughter all day every day. She demands attention constantly, which leaves minimal time for organizing. She takes one nap and I clean during that time, but I feel a bit frustrated. There is so much that I want to get done and there just seems to be no time. I am typing this from my phone as I play with our daughter. She is close to walking. She cruises on the furniture and has stood without holding onto anything for several moments. She will be off and running soon. I am so proud of her. I am constantly getting bloody noses this time around. I seriously can't wait until June, so that I can relax a bit in my own body!! Hurry up Junebug, I want to hold you!!!  
2013-01-19  (0 weeks)
Entry #274 20 Weeks and 4 Days!!
Well I am past the Halfway mark!!! We saw baby on ultrasound this past Monday. He/She was a healthy little one and was boxing my belly like crazy. I always though that I was being kicked, but nope it's punches! We are all excited!! We went to a Steakhouse to celebrate the baby's health. Our 15 month old ate some of her dad's salmon and had some of my filet mignon. She also ate bread, fries, veggies, and rice! What an appetite she has! I am sorting Baby clothes with relish. I have been so busy lately with plans and family that I hardly have time it seems to get ready. I crochet late into the night. Plans for my sister's baby shower are under way with a date of April 6th!! I am fabric shopping tomorrow for a few baby projects! I am sooooo excited!  
2013-01-08  (0 weeks)
Entry #273 19 WEEKS!!!
I can't believe how fast time is moving by! In just 6 days, we have our morphology scan! Baby is measuring at about six inches and roughly weighs eight and a half ounces!! It is the size of a mango! I am happy! Our daughter is zooming around on her knees and becoming more adventurous by the day. My energy is still missing. My husband is excited and all smiles. I have been feeling like I am caring another girl, but I had a dream the other night that I gave birth to a little boy. I guess we shall see which it is later on. Either way we are happy. I have been cramping, which is normal, but annoying. My Sis just hit 23 weeks today as well. We are definitely on our way. My baby is now visibly moving at night and easily able to feel on the outside of my belly. Unfortunately, he/she likes to move late at night, so my wonderful husband has not had a chance to feel the baby move. Baby can hear now and I have been talking to my Junebug all of the time! I can't wait to meet him/her!! Roughly five months to go!!  

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