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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2013-05-17  (0 weeks)
Entry #280 37 Weeks and 3 Days
At my 36 week appointment I was dilated to a 1 and 80% effaced. As of my 37 week appointment I was dilated to a 1.5 (stretches to a two), am 90% effaced, cervix is incredibly soft, and baby is in 0 position. I keep getting contractions on and off and I have a ton of pelvic and cervix pressure! The OB doubts that I will make it to my due date this time, which surprises me, because with our daughter I went 8 days late after a failed induction. I feel so anxious and am a complete bundle of contradictions. I feel underprepared as our house needs some cleaning TLC, but it has been almost impossible for me. I am nesting, but have an incredibly active toddler that needs supervision 24/7. I am able to clean for about a hour after she goes to bed and I tend to catch up on laundry and dishes, while she naps. I think that I must come to terms that our house will not be perfect when #2 arrives. It makes me mildly sad and a bit guilty as it looked like a vision of perfection when I brought our daughter home from the hospital. Tomorrow she turns 19 months!  
2013-05-06  (0 weeks)
29 Days until my EDD!
Time has flown! My sister delivered her son on April 27th via an emergency c-section. It turns out that her pelvis bones are fused together and she will never be able to deliver vaginally. My nephew is absolutely adorable! I am busy preparing for baby. I have everything packed and ready to go. My nesting has really started to kick in. I am in an incredible amount of pain as this baby insists on hanging out low and head butting me in the cervix constantly. Junebug dropped 8 days ago. I am dreading being away from my little toddler when I go into labor. I have never really been separated from her and it breaks my heart... Here is to hoping that I only have to be away for one night and that baby #2 is healthy! Girl or boy? Can't wait to find out, but my gut says girl!  
2013-03-27  (0 weeks)
Entry#278 30 Weeks 1 Day Not the best
This journal has taken a back seat to my daughter. She was officially walking on March 14th, just four days shy of 17 months. She is rumbuciois and I love her more and more every day. She keeps me busy and leaves me little time for journalistic pursuits.... Today we had our 30 week appointment. Unfortunately, my uterus has not changed measurements is the past two weeks and I am measuring small. 26 CM at 30 weeks is not good, especially with no change for a couple of weeks. Babies heart rate was good and he/she was moving about, but the doctor is a bit worried that I have low fluid or the baby is being restricted or that there may be something wrong with the function of the placenta. I have been scheduled for a growth and fluid ultrasound on the tenth. If I notice anything with the baby before then, then I need to go to L&D stat. I am to pay super amounts of attention to our unborn baby. I am worried and can't wait to see him/her and make sure everything is ok. We are diligently praying and hoping that the baby just happens to be a bit smaller this time around.  
2013-03-05  (0 weeks)
Entry#277 27 Weeks!!!
I have been so neglectful, but bear with me. I have an excuse. My daughter has been running me ragged and I just don't have the time that I did when I was pregnant with her. I am to take my one hour glucose test next week and am really hoping that I pass. With my daughter I failed by two points and had to take the three hour test, but passed with flying colors. My sis failed both of hers and has been diagnosed with GD. I feel horrible for her! :( I have my Rhogam shot and prenatal appointment next week too. I am planning on the TDaP shot at my 30 week appointment. I am reviewing the birth plan this coming appointment as well. I do not want any problems when I go into labor. We are touring the birthing place at the hospital on the 18th. My sis is joining us too, which will be fun. I have absolutely everything ready for baby and in three weeks I am packing the hospital bags! I simply can not wait to meet him/her. My daughter did something so cute today. She lifted up my shirt and placed her hand on her sibling bouncing around in there. She looked up at me and started laughing. She is 16 1/2 months and IMO is brilliant. I am so happy to be a mom. It is exhausting, but the most rewarding pleasure that I have ever been blessed with!  

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