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2014-11-01  (0 weeks)
The Birth of Our Third Daughter!!!! Entry #292
I woke up the morning of September 18th feeling odd. I had been having false labor for weeks and was hanging out at 5CM dilated and 100% effaced. That morning was different though. I had an urgent feeling and very persistent bloody discharge. I knew that I would be going into labor that night, I just knew. I spent the day with my parents who were visiting from 18 hours away specifically to help my sister move, be here for the birth of their new grandchild, and help care for my two elder daughters when I went to deliver the baby. We walked for a time and ate a meal at Crackle Barrel. My appetite was low and honestly all I wanted was pizza, which is a second warning for me. I craved pizza between 4 and 12 hours before active labor with both my two daughters previously. My husband was kind enough to indulge my desire for pizza again and I enjoyed it with great relish at 8:00 PM. Our daughters were already asleep and I felt the urge to prepare things, clean a bit more, and finish packing the snack bag for our girls. Contractions were coming every 10-15 minutes, but this was not new. I had been experiencing this for weeks. However, more blood was making its debut and once again I realized that this was most likely it. I also knew that the labor and delivery rooms would be busy. September is an extremely busy birth month and I was warned that my labor would most likely go fast once I hit active labor. I decided to take a shower and call my sister to come over to be there over night. We arrived to the hospital by 11 PM. My contractions were still far apart, but I was convinced that it was simply early labor and not false labor this time. They were swamped. We were put in one of the last two monitoring rooms and left there for hours. They were understaffed and it was like a mad house. After being in the room for two hours with no one checking up on us, I felt trickling coming out. I suspected that my water was leaking, but I still wasn't having active labor. My contractions had become sporadic. They varied between 8&20 minutes apart. My husband had fallen asleep in the hospital chair and I was annoyed that they didn't even come to check on me. Finally at 2 AM my contractions sped into active labor. Still no nurse and hitting active labor I began to become anxious. I had pushed the call button multiple times to insist that my water was leaking and could I please be checked since 1:15AM. At 2:30AM a nurse finally arrived to check with that rapid swab test. "Yes, your water is broken, can you feel the contractions? The monitor says that they are coming every 3 minutes." Cue me rolling my eyes. She hurriedly got me admitted into an L&D room. My husband sleepily followed and was kind enough to offer me massages (turned them down) before he collapsed on the next hospital chair and fell asleep. Turns out it was the last one available. The nurse quickly hooks me up to the antibiotics as I am GBS positive and require 4 hours for them to work/get it all into my system. By this time I had been in active labor for almost an hour and my water had been leaking for almost two. "Your birth plan says that you wanted an epidural; would you still like one?" I pondered this briefly. I didn't feel like my contractions were that bad. Yes, they were painful and unpleasant, but they were nothing compared to my first twos labors and deliveries. I had horrible back labor with each of my first two and this was all in the front. Still I decided to go with the epidural. I wish that I had had her check me first. At my nod she immediately ordered the epidural before getting my lab work sent down to check my platelet counts. She explained that it was kind of against hospital procedure, but she didn't want me to miss getting the pain meds and the results should be back before the epidural arrived. The labs came back good to go at 4:15 AM and the epidural arrived 2 minutes later. I was unaware that I was in the middle of transition as my contractions, though close together didn't seem painful enough. I was still stuck remembering the horrendous back labor pain from my first two. I figured that I still had a few hours of labor to go and that the pain would greatly increase. The epidural was placed and just as the tech finished putting in my Epidural, he was called for an immediate and emergent C-section. Though my contractions weren't as horrible as my other labors, they were still painful enough that I could appreciate the pain meds. The woman next door to me was not as fortunate. I felt horrible for it. I could have dealt with the front labor pain if I had only known. She was screaming and she screamed for hours more before delivering her child without the benifit of pain meds, which through her screams you could hear her pleading for. I would have gladly given her my epidural if I could have. At 4:30 AM I was finally able to doze as the tech rushed from my room. The dozing lasted for only 30 minutes. At 5:00 AM I had the unbelievable urge to push. The overworked nurse checked me and said not to push, that I had to wait for the on call doctor. I was livid, but did my best to wait (never again). I was shaking. My husband was awake and trying to helps resist the urge to push. My body was shaking. I was at war with myself and it felt completely unnatural to clench my muscles and resist. At 5:20 AM the nurse came back in and said that the doctor was on his way. She checked me and said that she seemed pretty far back still and I most likely wouldn't have a fast delivery, so I could give a practice push if I wanted. I started a practice push and the nurse screamed, "Wait wait wait, stop pushing!" Pure and utter hell! My husband went back to calming me as the doctor rushed in (finally) and began putting on the delivery scrubs. My birth plan had stipulated a female, but the only doctor on call was male. I was told at 5:27 AM that I could push. 1 push later and she was crowning. 1 additional push and she was out. ( Under 4 minutes and only 2.5 pushes including the half practice push). She was and is perfect! My active labor was only 3.5 hours! It would have been 3 had they not made me wait to push. The speed of it shocked me and unfortunately I didn't get all of the antibiotics that I needed, which made it 100% a requirement for us to stay at least 48 hours for monitoring. Born at exactly 5:30 AM on September 19th. She weighed 6lbs 15oz and was 20 inches long. She was born just 1 day before her due date. She was immediately laid on my stomach (umbilical cord was short) and my husband snipped the cord. She was rubbed down and let out a loud cry before I lifted her onto my chest to snuggle. She latched on right away and would nurse for two hours (an hour per side). Her Apgar score was perfect! I suffered a small first degree tear and that was all. The after pains were no joke, but that is ok. We had to wait 12 hours before being moved to a recovery room as I was number 9 on the wait list. Later we would discover that the night I delivered our third daughter was also the night 29 other babies were born at our hospital. That one on call doctor delivered them all. Our third daughter is 6 weeks and 1 day today. She is the most mellow and laid back of all three. Her hair is a slightly darker shade of the dark brown of her eldest sister. She has blue eyes the same shade as me and her 2 sisters. With the dark hair and olive skin tone, I have a trio of beauties!!! Nursing is going well and all of my girls are growing like weeds! My husband and I are hoping to have #4 in December of 2018!  
2014-08-15  (0 weeks)
35 Weeks Tomorrow!
Wow it has been a long time since I updated here! I have just been incredibly busy preparing for our third little one. I have entered panic mode. I am having a hard time keeping up with my two year old and 1 year old. The housework is daunting! I am in the process of reorganizing everything and getting this place looking less cluttered. My hospital bag is almost fully packed. I will just have a few last minute things to pack that I can't pack in advance. I am making care lists for my two toddlers. I personalized the newbies coming home outfit today. I have to pack a care bag for the girls and have a few outfits ready to go to make it easy on my family who will be watching them while I am in labor. We are really scrambling getting everything ready! We aren't in the best financial health currently either! This is very much an unplanned pregnancy and we are dealing with a ton of medical bills that are very stressful. We are also dealing with some insurance issues, which have not been fun! My parents have been amazingly generous. They gifted us with a car seat and more cloth diapers to add to our stash. They also got me the most wonderful diaper bag that I have ever seen and it will definitely fit everything that I need for 3 little ones. Heck, I could squeeze in a 4th, but let's hope that doesn't happen! I don't want #4 for at least 4 years after this baby comes! My body needs a break and I would like to have all of our medical bills paid off and also a nice nest egg started. I have been suffering a lot. I have so much pressure and pain in my pelvis! My anemia is also killing me with weakness. I developed hypoglycemia as well :( All I want to do is eat and sleep, but that's impossible with two toddlers running around and a mountain of tasks that I still need to get completed before this baby arrives! I have been getting sporadic contractions for the past week and I hope that the baby doesn't decide to come early! I am already 1.5-2CM dilated (I checked myself) and 20-30% effaced :( if my body follows the same pattern as my second full length pregnancy, then I will give birth at about 36-37 Weeks and I really don't want that! I want at least 38 weeks, but ideally 39+ weeks. Sigh, my next appointment is this Monday. Hopefully my OB thinks that this baby will stay put for awhile yet!  
2014-05-22  (0 weeks)
Just Shy of 23 Weeks
My eldest is 2 1/2 and my second child is turning 1 in exactly 1 week. Here I am unexpectedly carrying our third little beauty and part of me is just begging for a break. My body is so exhausted. Lol. No rest for moms! We are planning a marvelous Saturday day trip in honor of her first birthday. The main attraction is the Zoo, but alternate plans will be made should the weather be poor. I have insisted that my husband refrain from getting me pregnant until 2018. We will see how that goes ;). I am equal parts worried and excited for #3. Our second daughter is extremely high needs, but our eldest was an incredibly laid back baby. Since #2 will only be 15 months when #3 arrives, I really hope and pray that #3 is like #1. Otherwise I will be inevitably overwhelmed with two very young ones and my eldest will not get nearly as much attention as she deserves. I am also worried about my second being jealous of the third as she already gets jealous of her big sister. Our eldest is such a sweetheart and adores babies. We had no issues with her and #2 and I doubt that we will have any between her and #3. This pregnancy seems to have gone by too fast. I wish that I could slow it down. We still have so much to do before #3 seat, clothes, organization, another bed, sleep training #2, potty training #1, diapers, etc... I feel so pressed for time and I hardly get a down moment to get much extra done. My first two girls take up every bit of time. Between them and general cleaning, I barely have a minute to shove some food in my mouth. My husband works such long days and though he tries to help, he is rarely home and the bulk of everything is left to me. I feel completely overwhelmed with the expectant arrival of #3. I want a plethora of children, but not so closely spaced.  
2014-04-11  (0 weeks)
17 Weeks Tomorrow!!!
It is girl number 3 for us!!! I can't believe that I am going to be a mom of 3 daughters. My girls are super close in age. My eldest won't even be three yet when this one is born. We are unplanned baby bunchers! Lol!!!! My husband and I are super excited and can't wait to meet her this September. The tech said that she had never seen such an active baby for her age. It definitely explains the crazy movement. And we caught her sucking her thumb! My eldest keeps saying that there is a baby in mama's belly. It is so cute. She also rubbed my belly and said "Hi baby!" She is seriously the most loving sister that I have ever seen. I am a bit nervous at having three girls so close in age when they hit the teen years! My husband joked that he is going to have to get a couple of huge male Mastiffs to protect his girls. We announced the pregnancy last night to family. We have been wished congratulations by everyone except my Mother in law. She doesn't seem too happy. I am just waiting for the comments of negativity and contradicting entitlement to ensue from her. We decided to keep the sex a secret and will most likely do so until her birth. My husband and I enjoy keeping a secret all to ourselves for a bit. The important thing is that we are both extremely happy with having a third daughter and I am finally feeling excited about this pregnancy. She is going to be beautiful, just like her two big sisters!!!  

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