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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2016-04-18  (4 weeks)
The Rainbow after the Storm!
My husband and I decided to TTC this past cycle in the hopes of having a December baby! It was a success! I started getting questionable lines at 8 DPO and a confirmed BFP on multiple brands of HPTs at 10 DPO!!! We are incredibly elated! Unfortunately, I have been hit hard with MS, vomitting 4-16 times a day. This might be a rough pregnancy ahead, but it is worth it!  
2015-06-19  (0 weeks)
The loss of our little one...
Well I just suffered our third loss. I am devastated. This is our third loss and we found out that I was further along that we thought. 10 weeks is when our angel went away. Even unplanned, I love my babies immediately. 3 living and three losses. Feeling heartbroken.  
2015-05-22  (0 weeks)
BFP For Baby #4
I am just flabbergasted! PREGNANT AGAIN!?! Obviously birth control just sucks and I am too fertile. I am 7DPO and just got a positive! We are moving in about 6 weeks and I have decided to not tell my husband until after we have fully moved, so that it is less stressful for him. Ugh! So many mixed emotions right now. I have three daughters ages 3.5 years, Turning 2 years in a week, and 8 months. All babies are blessings, but God must really have a sense of humor to do this to me again when my husband and I were actively preventing and being super careful. I am going to do my best to be happy, but I am definitely not announcing to anyone until after 20 weeks. I was actually thinking of announcing on Halloween. That would make me 26 Weeks. Yep, sounds good to me, either that or I will announce after he/she (probably she) is born (come on I have 3 daughters and no sons; I am convinced that my husband is a girl maker and a son would be a shock at this point).  
2015-01-05  (0 weeks)
Entry #293 Life With 3 Girls 3 and Under!
I was told that going from 2-3 would be the hardest transition. This is an absolute lie, well at least for me! It has been easy. My littlest girl has such a laid back personality. She is the most content and happy baby. She is breast feeding well and is growing strong! She is by far my chubbiest baby and has the tall genes like her eldest sister. My days are filled with child rearing and I must confess that I don't get much time for anything else, but I love it! We even hope to have our fourth child in December of 2018! (We will see how that goes as though we are preventing, we are extremely fertile). We already have names picked out! Lol  

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