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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2014-02-19  (1 weeks)
hey hey
First want to thank my husband in the past year to my endless love with meticulous care, always feel sorry big baby, and baby, because of busy work to make money, don't have my mother to take care of you feel very guilty about sister and brother, really, you two must be healthy,,,,,,,,, Have never worked together with the husband, now, the year of 2013, and the husband work together, work together, in a few months is the help that he has been quietly I never had a complaint, we freedom of work, work, you can sleep, every day I sleep with pig yes,,,,,,,,, ha ha, Work every day to help me, I come home from work and cook for me, from time to time also wash his clothes, and I do the housework very little, ha ha,,,,,,,,, Work in a factory will inevitably along as well, think about the good, ha ha, in case we don't have the noisy to help each other, talking and laughing, sometimes no words don't talk,,,,,,,, I prefer to play, sometimes like a child yes,,,,,,,,, (noisy angry when no one to help, but to a stranger) ha ha,,,,,,,, Know it's a year passed, feel this year as if just yesterday, This year's work from Chinese New Year is coming to an end, and also more and more into the,,,,,,,, Go out in the outside friends started from day to day to run, waiting for the children, parents waiting, waiting for that day has come,,,,,,,,,, Thank you for the little black child, ha ha, hey hey  

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