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2007-09-01  (baby has arrived)
Baby Laurel is here!
We are currently in the hospital after our first overnight with baby.  Megan brought her computer, so I'm going to do a quick update!
My water did break on Thursday evening like I thought.  The break made a slow trickle that started about 6pm.  We had dinner around 7 and the contractions started at about 7:30.  The contractions were nothing like braxton hicks!  They started mildly but quickly escalated.  Leora and Megan were there to help and Alex would stand with me as I dealt with the contractions.  Around 9:30, the contractions seemed to be very close together, intense, and for about 90 seconds each.  So we decided it was hospital time!  We drove to the hospital in about 15 minutes and pulled into the valet.  We were taken into the maternity ward and by then I had determined that I definitely wanted an epidural!:)  On the way up in the wheelchair, I said to Alex, "maybe we'll just have one baby!"  We got checked in to an I & D room, which are very nice here at St. John's...big flat screen tv and all!  I think I went through a few more sets of contractions, but the epidural was on it's way before I knew it.  The doctor who administered it was super nice and very understanding.  Before too long, I was resting comfortably.  I was checked upon arrival and found that I was about 80% effaced, 0 station, but just 3 cm dilated.  I was really surprised since the contractions had been so intense.
Alex's parents drove up and spent the night in the waiting room.  Leora slept out there as well.  Megan pulled up a couple of chairs in the delivery room and Alex slept on the coach's couch in the room too.  I tried to get some sleep in, but the epidural made my lower body so numb that it weirded me out all night long.  I had to flip once every hour and needed 2 people to help me since I couldn't feel anything!  At around 5:30, the nurse came in to check and I was 10 cms, 100% effaced and +2 station, ready to go!  We had to wait a couple of hours though because the epidural had me too numb to push.  The epidural wore off enough that I could start pushing around 8 am.  My contractions were coming fairly far apart, about 5 mins, but were very intense, especially in the back.  Alex and Leora held one leg back, while Marquina (our nurse and also the woman who taught our labor, baby care, and breast feeding classes) held my other leg.  Megan rubbed my back and was taking video and pictures.  I pushed for about 1 hour and ended up needing a bit of pitocin at the end to get the contractions to come closer together.  Ultimately, the pushing was the hardest part and I definitely wasn't prepared for how difficult it was.  Thankfully I had a good team of people there with me that kept pushing me onward.  I was exhausted by the end and just dying to give up, though I know that's impossible.  Just for the last push, Dr. Trejo used a suction to help get the head out.  The cord was very intricately wrapped around her legs and up around the back of her neck.  After a quick unwrap, and one more easy push, the rest of her body slid out.  I was so overwhelmed with relief and happiness that I was just crying and crying.  I didn't even hear the doctor say, yep it's a girl.:)  She was placed quickly on my chest and then carried over to a table where the respiratory doctor was waiting to rub her down and clean out her mouth and nose.  Her official arrival time was 9:11 am on August 31, 2007.
I had a mild tear, so the doctor sewed me up after I passed the placenta.  Alex held her first while I was being repaired and she was just staring and staring, very alert!  Finally, she was left with me and we took our first stab at feeding, which went very well!  Soon after, she was taken to the nursery for her first bath and her measurements.  Laurel Addison clocked in at 7 lbs, 10 oz, 20 inches.  Her APGARs were 8,8, and 9...though I'm not sure exactly what they are...I know something about reaction time, alertness, etc.  Alex followed to the nursery to watch her first bath (her hair was styled by a very nice nurse into a tiny mohawk).  He took some pictures and Megan took video through the window.  She looks like a nice mix of me and Alex.  She has his hairline and forehead, with my eyes, nose and lips, his chin and my hair color.  She has my long, narrow feet with long toes and long fingers!
The pediatrician stopped by in the early afternoon to examine her.  Everything looked good.  We have our first appt. Tuesday morning to follow up.
The rest of the day went by fairly easily.  Laurel was returned to us around noon, but was sleeping.  Alex's parents had to return home, so it was just the few of us for the rest of the day.  She fed a bit more throughout the day, we're trying to stick to an every-3-hour schedule.  I had breakfast, lunch and dinner, all excellent here at the hospital.  Ryan, Anne and Alex's godmother, Norma, all stopped by in the evening.
Laurel kept me up most of the first night.  I think I slept maybe 1.5 hours.  She had lots of wakeful periods and wanted to feed a lot, for 1.25 hour periods!  She likes to fall asleep while feeding, so I have to nudge her cheek to remind her of why she's there!:) 
Today went well.  I've had lots of time feeding, and though I'm sore, I'm getting a good latch, so I'm determined to stick through until my body gets used to it.  The nurses have all been very nice and helpful with that process.  She was very alert in the morning hours and has lots of sleeping hours in the afternoon.  Might have another long night tonight.  I did get to nap a bit during the day, but I will have to get used to the lack of sleep!  Alex's parents and his sister, Cyndy came by and my dad stopped into town.  He and Megan are going to Vegas in the morning to visit his family. 
Alex is very sweet with her, and he does a great job.  She loves to lay with him on his chest:).  He also got to change her first poopy (meconium) diaper.  That was very funny.  He started to change her and with every wipe, more and more slipped out.  Until poop was just shooting out I had to call a nurse to help him since I couldn't jump up from the bed myself.  (I'm still very sore from the stiches).  We're slowing learning about her and what she likes, so mostly everything has gone well.  She did have a crying fit not long ago, but eventually was resolved:). 
We'll be taking her home tomorrow at some point.  We're currently in a postpartum room and have her rooming in with us with complete privacy.  It's been nice practice before we go home and don't have a nurse call button to press:).  We'll be transferring to the other blog space after this, so for Laurel updates, visit
2007-08-30  (40 weeks)
i'm pretty sure my water broke!
Stay tuned, because it's just an inconsistent, slow trickle, but I'm pretty sure my water broke around 6 pm.  Megan and I went for a walk around the block and I'm waiting for some contractions to start.  We're about to have dinner and just see what happens!  Off to a slow start though, it may be a while....
2007-08-28  (40 weeks)
40 weeks, 2 days - OB appt.
This morning I went to my first of two appts. this week.  I'd say, hopefully I won't make it to the second, but that kind of thought process doesn't seem to work for me! 
I had a Dr. at the practice that I've never seen.  Another very nice lady, Dr. Pellino.  She did another exam and I'm not dilated anymore than the last exam, almost 2 weeks ago. 
Though she said she doesn't necessarily believe in its effectiveness, she stripped my membranes.  It basically felt like an aggressive exam and I believe it pulls the sac away from the cervix, which releases a hormone that helps to trigger contractions.  She said that she's had several past patients request it, and they've gone into labor shortly after, so she will do it, but there's no medical proof that links labor and the stripping together.  I've definitely been crampy since then, so we'll see! 
She did say that my cervix is very soft, so at the next appt. we'll talk about induction.  She said that my body is ready and would progress easily with induction.  There's no guarantees with any pregnancy that there would not be a c-section in the end, but the fact that I'm a little dilated and very soft will be in my favor. 
She also did an ultrasound to check on my amniotic fluid.  She said I have tons, plus the baby's bladder was full, so that's even more.  They hope for a 5cm cushion and I was well above, around 15.  She that's good, she must not be too huge in there!  After the ultrasound, they sent me to another room to sit with a fetal monitor on for a while.  I had to drink a small can of pineapple juice, to boost the baby's movements.  Then, I had the monitor on and read a magazine for 20 minutes, while a machine recorded her heart activity.  The doctor said the reading was perfect, very healthy, with lots of up and downs.
My next appt is Friday at 2pm.  She'll do another fetal monitoring then.  And if I am to be induced, it wouldn't be until beginning to mid next week....anniversary baby?
2007-08-26  (40 weeks)
due today!
Due today, no baby, enough said!

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