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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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Annemarie Krothe Petroff ()

Hi Jill,

This is Annemarie Krothe, old roomie from UD.  Jenny Speares Horne passed along your site so I could see Laurel!!!  Congrats to you and your husband.  She's beautiful!



Heather Marquez
im so sorry about your due date coming and going damn doctors give us something to look forward to and it always either a let down or too many moments to late lol. i understand they change my due date everytime i go to my appointments which really suck. my first due date is coming up in a week im really worried. but i hope you have a happy and healthy baby soon.

Momma Buff

I must say, a quick glance at your blog every day keeps me laughing, and also feeling your pain!  I hope you are hanging in there as much as you can and realize that your life as you knew it is about to change!!!!  I cannot wait for that phone call or email announcing the birth of your baby girl!  Spencer and Stephen cannot wait to pull her hair and chase her around some day....



Your jounal has kept me informed for nine months.   I'm updated on whats going on, I see pictures when I want, and I feel close to you three when I read it.   Thank you for keeping us all informed.   

Time is getting close.   Tell Alex not to call me anymore until he can tell me "The Time Has Come".   He is making my heart jump every time he calls, (just kidding!).  




George ()
Hi Guys!  Man it's great to see you two - even if it is across the internet.  Man it's been too long.  Sorry i've been away and distant lately - it's been really REALLY busy.  Never stopped thinking about ya though.  Miss ya both.

Can't wait to see the little one when she makes her debut!  I'm so happy for you both!  Hopefully i'll have a chance after she's born to come out and see you two (three) again.  If not - i'm still counting you amongst my guys in 2009 Al - I told Amy - it just wouldn't be right to do this crazy marraige thing - without my boys to hold me up!  lol

Talk to you soon


Wow, you're getting so close - Good luck!  I'll say my prayers that all goes well!
Momma Buff

WOW!  you are almost their my friend!  what a joy it is to check in on you at any time, day or night!  glad to hear you and alex are doing well.  baby laurel is a very lucky little girl to have such amazing parents-to-be.  just wanted to say hello!  please call me or send out an email once your angel arrives.  spencer and stephen are ONE next monday....duh, your birthday too!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! 


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