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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2007-07-31  (36 weeks)
Grrr...they've made an appearance
I just wrote an entry this morning, but had to add another.  I found my first little set of stretch marks!  I think I've actually noticed them before, but thought they were marks on my skin from the seam in my underwear.  But tonight, when I undressed for my evening shower, I realized that the marks from my underwear were lower and these marks were due to nothing else but skin stretching.  So the constant question that I keep hearing..."You're stretched so tight, where will the skin come from?!"'s the answer.  There is no extra skin, the skin I have will just stretch and pull and I'll have "war wounds" to prove it.  Sigh, I knew they would come, it's in my genes, but I think I was in denial:).  Good news is, when I sadly pointed them out to Alex, he said, "aww, it'll be fine, you're still beautiful". 
Part of me is not surprised that I'm getting marks now.  My body has done it's best job to really expand in this past month.  And my huge appetite doesn't really help.  I've noticed myself much hungrier at the meals than before.  We went to a wedding on Saturday and I found myself famished by the time we were let up to the buffet.  And I had seconds...I never would have wanted that before!
2007-07-30  (36 weeks)
1 week before baby is full term:)
Well, we've made it...or almost there!  Next week, she'll be considered a full term baby.  So, if born, she'll no longer be considered premature.  It's really shocking me into gear.  We did lots of house work yesterday.  Stuff I don't want to do when the baby comes.  I went through the fridge and freezer and cleaned it out and wiped it down.  That's needed to be done for months I'm sure.  Alex also did a very deep cleaning of both bathrooms.  I made a bit more progress in the baby's room.  I washed her sheet and Megan and I made her crib up.  I also washed several onsies, some light weight pjs, socks and hats.  So, we're ready for the first week or so!  Megan and I also dug out a hospital prep pack list and put together the diaper bag with baby things.  I will pack my own bag this week too.  It isn't too early anymore!!
Unfortunately I still have lots on my plate for work.  I'm finishing up my major calligraphy jobs this week and hopefully wrapping up the bulk of printing as well. 

On Wednesday, I have my next OB appt. and we'll discuss the EKG from last week, which turned out fine.  Our pregnancy photos are on Saturday, I'll post photos when I get them!
As of 36 weeks, the first week of the 9th month, baby is about 19 inches and about 6 pounds.  Yay!:)  I saw a baby in Toys R US the other day.  Just a tiny little thing, bundled in a sling against the mommy.  So cute!  That will be us very soon!
2007-07-23  (35 weeks)
35 weeks, just shy of the 9th month!
With another month still to go, the most popular comment is "where is the skin going to come from??"  I reply, "you're telling me!"  My only hope would be to go a week or so early, to spare myself that extra little bit of streeeetching!:)  I'm still happy to be looking fairly slim, but with a basketball under my shirt.  Hopefully the return to normal size will be a bit easier than I anticipate.
At my appt. last week, I brought up my irregular heartbeat.  I don't know if I remembered to post it back in February.  But when I was in the hospital for the bleeding, I mentioned my irregular heartbeat.  It doesn't happen very often, but it was happening a lot at the beginning of this pregnancy.  I've noticed it on and off since college.  And my cardiologist then said there was nothing wrong.  The hospital technician diagnosed it as a "right bundle branch block".  Basically, a couple of nerves in the "electric system" malfunction, and so the electric pulse has to take a long route around instead.  I followed up with my doctor and she found nothing, just thinking it could be the occasional premature heartbeat and that the hospital was just being overly cautious.  So, I dropped the issue.  Recently though, my mom was concerned that my OB knew nothing of this and I should mention it so that they are fully informed.  I guess I'm glad that I did, Dr. Chen was quite alarmed.  She said that normally, I'd see a cardiologist to get it all resolved, but there's not time for that now.  She ordered me back to my regular doctor for another EKG and requested the February test results from the hospital.  I go in tomorrow for the EKG and then my next doctor's appt. is next wendesday.  Alex will be coming with me, because, based on the results, we'll have to decide how to handle delivering the baby.  I have to keep reminding myself that whatever the doctor decides is what is best for the baby.  But I really don't want a C-section!  The recovery of course doesn't appeal to me, but I was really looking forward to a traditional delivery.  Though painful, I want to experience that!  I'm nervous about the doctor's decision and am hoping it's just a condition that can be closely monitored throughout labor, instead of just jumping straight to C-section for a solution.  We shall see...but on the positive side, everything is fine with the baby and the doctor said she's floating in plenty of amniotic fluid.  She did a quick ultrasound and we couldn't see much, baby's so big!  But we peeked at her heart, beating away!
This past weekend, Leora, Ryan, Ryder, Alex and I ventured to San Francisco.  All with the intent to bring home some new letterpress equipment.  We found a good price on a heavy-duty machine cutter and an excellent deal on another letterpress like ours.  We got up there friday evening, the guys drove late at night, bringing the car that would drag the trailer.  Saturday, we met with a couple of store owners, including Stacey at the store in SF where I used to work.  Nothing too crazy until our attempt to pick up the machinery in Oakland Sunday morning.  What a nightmare!  Nothing went right.  We didn't have a good trailer for the job, the machinery wasn't positioned out where we could get to it easily, and the guy's forklift didn't work.  Ultimately the guys did a ton of work, only for us to have to decide to leave and come home empty-handed.  Now we're looking for a way to have at least the cutter brought down to us.  All through this, baby was content, moving her usual amount.  Meanwhile, everyone else, including me the mom, was tired and frustrated.
*For 35 weeks, baby is over 18 inches and about 5 pounds!

2007-07-17  (34 weeks)
braxton hicks?
So I think I might have felt, and have been feeling, some Braxton Hicks contractions.  I recently read that the body experiences BH at 6 weeks, but I could never feel anything that early.  But most women who do feel them, if at all, can feel them as early as 25 weeks.  I don't think I've felt them that early.  But now and then, I feel a tightening across my belly.  It feels like the baby is stretching out and moving closer to the surface, but I think it's actually the skin and muscles contracting down around the baby.  When I do feel it, it lasts maybe 30 seconds and then relaxes again.  I don't notice it often, but I'm thinking that's what it is!
Now at 34 weeks, the update reads that baby is about 4.5 lbs and around 18 inches long.  I am feeling and looking bigger each week than the week before.  I tried to jog down the hall for the phone this evening and that isn't going to happen again!  I am also noticing myself to be hotter than usual.  Megan and I went to church on Sunday and I found myself fanning myself with my bulletin when everyone else seemed content. 
We finally got our large dresser for the baby's room!  We ended up renting a cargo van from Uhaul to pick it up.  What a pain, but we got it.  The small dresser is due in at the beginning of August, but is small enough to fit into a regular car.  I am going to start washing some of the baby clothes to have them ready for her arrival, and put them in the dresser!:)  I really love how the nursery is coming together.  I love just sitting in the glider, rocking back and forth, imagining it all completed with the baby here.  It will be the best planned room in the house!  I'll post some pictures when it's near finish.  I put up a couple of new belly pics too!

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