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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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Baby has arrived!

2007-08-13  (38 weeks)
the waiting...and itching
We're now at 38 weeks, and I guess the waiting game is now officially on!  She could easily decide to arrive anytime in the next two least I'm hoping so.  I'm not voting in favor of a late delivery.  One of my books describes a 9 month belly as not being very round, but having "corners"...meaning the legs, elbows, knees, but poke out.  Mine sure looks like that a lot!  I've also officially stretched past my limit and my skin is really complaining now.  I'm sure I will have stretch marks under my belly.  I can't see anything very well right now...belly is too big to see over...but the underside of my belly is very itchy and often rashy.  I'm using my belly creams constantly, not in the hopes of preventing stretch marks (i don't think it really works for that), but just to soothe the itchies!  I'm also making much more frequent nighttime potty trips...3 times now is considered low frequency.  I went 6 times the other night!  Poor Alex wakes easily and notices every time I get up. 
Alex wants me to call three times if I go into labor during the day.  But he says he jumps every time he sees my number on his cell phone.  I'm still feeling rather "normal", by my current pregnancy standards, and don't have any feelings that she will come too soon.  Mom is coming into town Tuesday morning and staying until her due date, the 26th.  I'm very much hoping she'll decide to make her entrance during that time frame. 
In the meantime, I'm still going about regular life, doing work in the stationery business, still working on small house tasks to organize things around the home.  I'm also trying to refresh myself on all of the basics of newborn care and breastfeeding, in preparation. 

Today, I had a little pampering!  Leora, Megan and I went to a cute little nail salon in Venice and Leora bought me a mani-pedi for my birthday.  It was so nice to have my legs rubbed.  I will have very pretty toes in the delivery stirrups! 
2007-08-08  (37 weeks)
Our photos are in!
We received our collection on photos from the maternity shoot on Saturday!  I am so thrilled with the way they turned out.  I've posted a handful in the photo album section on here.  I'll also put a link up to winkflash, a wonderfully inexpensive photo print if anyone wants a print (probably family:)), you can order from there.  I'll get to that soon hopefully, when I have a few minutes!!  Whew, not too many free minutes right now, still wrapping up projects, but hopefully next week will be more relaxing and we can start the waiting game!

Scratch the previous comment, I made time to put the rest of the photos online:
2007-08-05  (37 weeks)
37 weeks!
Baby girl is officially full-term!  She could also deliver anytime now and be just fine.  That's so relieving to know, but yet so alarming!  I have so much to do still...and work I'm still wrapping up.  Yikes!  But things are getting into order at the house.  Alex is currently hanging some little decorative shelves and letters on the wall that spell her name:).  Alex also moved our furniture around in our room to make room for the cradle which is now in position.  Our living spaces are still a bit cluttered and unorganized, so I hope to have time to settle those areas before baby. 
I wish I had a more definite time frame and knew how much time I had left to prepare.  With 3 weeks left until the official due date, I am so nervous she'll come early!  I think I'd prefer early instead of late, but not quite this early yet:).  I'd like at least another week to finish some things up.  I may look back on this posting in a few weeks and still be pregnant and be scolding myself for being so worried.  :)

We had our pregnancy photo shoot Saturday night.  The photographer was great and both Alex and I felt very comfortable.  We met in Temescal Canyon, just north of the city and went on a small hike that had some interesting trees and scenery to use in the shots.  We should be getting the files this week, I'm very excited to see them!  We also spoke to her about infant shots and will be using her for photos of the baby when she's 2 weeks old.  She has some adorable infant shots on her website of the baby lying sleeping on the dad's arm.  I want pictures like that!:)
2007-08-01  (36 weeks)
A good look at baby
We had our 36 week appt today.  After this it's every week!  At this appt., we briefly reviewed the EKG I had last week.  The doctor said it looked fine and wasn't a worry.  She said a lot of women have small abnormalities in their heart rhythm and it's nothing to worry about during labor.  Plus I'll be monitored while delivering, so it's not like I'll be in the middle of no where.  So, seems like we can proceed as normal!
I also asked if she'd do an ultrasound since Alex was there.  He hasn't been to an appt. since the 22 week scan.  The doctor got a great picture of her face in profile!  I've posted it in the photo section.  She also did measurements and once again said what long legs she has:).  But she's weighing in at about 7 lbs already!  Yikes!  And her weight and long length is giving her a due date of August 21st!  The doctor though, said that they won't change the due date of August 26th.  The machine is just calculating by her size and length and she's just a larger baby.  Wow...I don't know where that's coming from.  I think I was born in the mid 7 pound range and Alex was tiny, low 6. 
Everything else checked out fine.  The doctor also swabbed for the Group B Strep which can be passed on to baby in the birth canal.  So if I'm a carrier, I just have to take some kind of antibiotic. 
All in all, good news....can proceed with normal birth and having a big, healthy baby!

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