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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2007-08-20  (39 weeks)
Nope, no baby yet...
So, after the doctor said "probably this weekend" at my last appt., we've been expecting to have a baby by now.  But seems she was wrong!  Still no baby.  Not to be graphic, but for the sake of my own records, I've lost a lot more of the plug.  The bit I lost on Friday was nothing compared to the amount I've lost since.   Much more has been lost, so I'm wondering what to expect next!  I've looked online and all articles say that there's no connection between the lost plug and immediate labor.  They say it can take anywhere between hours and weeks.  I'm going to guess I'm not on the "weeks" end of things, but I'd prefer to be looking at hours.  48 hours seems to be the average. 
We've been doing lots of walking, hoping to encourage the progress.  Last night, we walked up to eat at the center of town and then even past that to rent a movie.  Then we walked all the way back.  No baby this morning.  So this afternoon, my mom and I walked down at the Promenade and by the ocean. 
I do get the dull aches and the mild contractions, but nothing that's progressing.  The good news is that the baby is still moving around and seems to be oblivous:). 
2007-08-18  (38 weeks)
The next step in preparing to deliver...
So, starting last night and then more today, I have lost my mucous plug!  I've also had the occasional cramping, not leading to anything yet, but I think that's a sign too.  I think each morning I wake up from now on with no baby, will be disappointing.  Since labor seems to commonly start in the middle of the night, I'm hoping tonight or tomorrow night will be a trip to the hospital. 
Today mom helped by thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and then the dining and living areas.  What a great help.  I don't think the house has been so completely cleaned since we moved in.  Alex and I went to home depot and costco to buy some things for the house.  I also organized the under sink areas of the kitchen and our bathroom.   Tasks I've been meaning to do, but haven't.  The rest of the afternoon, I've mostly rested. 
We've spread the news that labor is probably coming up soon, so we've had lots of phone calls with friends and family "checking in":).  So anyone reading this today, no baby yet, but hopefully very soon!!
2007-08-17  (38 weeks)
baby coming soon!
This morning, I went to my 38 (and a half) week appt.  At this appt, the doctor did an internal exam to see if I was progressing.  Good news is I'm making my way along!  She said I'm at 1.5-2 cm dilated, at -1 station and about 80% effaced.  She said if she was betting, she'd go for a baby this weekend!  She said she's rarely wrong, but she'd be very surprised if I made it to my next appt., which is next Friday.  I asked her when to expect the mucus plug to pass and she said sometime in the 2-3 cm dilation range.  So, we'll see.  I wish I knew how long I've been dilated, to know how quickly this has happened.  My braxton hicks have definitely increased in frequency.  Last night, we went for a long walk.  And at night in bed, in addition to the mild contractions, I had a mild stomach ache that seemed to come and go with the contractions.  That may have helped me dilate some.  Seems like my body is revving up!
2007-08-13  (38 weeks)
New blog! Bookmark this --
I've loved sharing everything pregnancy related with my family and friends.  Especially since so many loved ones live far away, I've decided to continue with the blogging!  Moving on from pregnancy to family blogging!
When the baby is born, I will post details on this site and then start making entries on a new site:


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