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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2007-08-25  (39 weeks)
Well, my mom is going home tomorrow and we're all disappointed that she won't have been here for the birth.  But she'll be back at the end of September, so that's what we'll focus on instead! 
She and I went down to Kohl's yesterday and did some shopping.  I bought some things for the baby's bathroom (really the spare bath).  Her little bathtub has sea creatures, so in keeping with the theme, I bought a fish soap pump, an octopus tooth brush holder, a little hand towel with a crab on it and a fuzzy fish bath mat:).  Seems there's always something still to be bought or organized.  We also bought some frames and I framed two of the maternity photos for the nursery.  Oh and we went to JoAnn's and I bought a bit of fabric to make a curtain for the little window in there.  It's blue with bubbles.  I also picked up a skein of yarn to make her a little hat.  I've made lots of hats for other babies and realized I didn't have any started for my own baby!
I also finally got a call from the USA Baby people.  I don't know if I've ranted in my blog about this, but it's been quite a circus getting our very last piece of furniture.  It's not our most important piece, it's a small three drawer dresser to go next to the glider.  But every time I walk by the room, I see the empty space and grrrr!!  For some reason it keeps not arriving at the store, and I've gotten the attention of the owner lately.  And as of last week, the piece was finally on its way.  I had already negotiated a home delivery for free in exchange for the 4 month wait!  He called yesterday to say that the truck broke down enroute.  Of course!  But he said it's back on track, due to deliver Sunday or Monday.  And if it arrives Sunday, he will bring it up himself.  Geez.  Thank goodness it's really nice furniture and a minor piece or else I'd be regretting the purchase. 
Today we're going to stop by the Fiesta La Ballona, the big fair that goes on in our town.  I didn't think I'd be available to attend, but since there's no baby, we're going to go by and see what it's all about.  We didn't go last year. 
And I'm back to going to bed without expectations, planning for the next day.  I have wondered in the past if my due date was a week early.  It's counted from the first day of my last period, assuming conception takes place the typical 2 weeks later, in a normal 28 day cycle.  I have a 33-35 day cycle, so conception was actually a week later.  So, a week late might actually be more on time.  We'll see.  Our anniversary is quickly approaching, labor day weekend....wonder if we'll have to share with the baby:).
2007-08-24  (39 weeks)
39 weeks, 5 days and still going
Today I went for my appt. that I didn't think I'd actually be attending!  I saw a new doctor, a guy named Dr. Ewertz.  I mentioned what Dr. Chen said last week about thinking the baby would come over the weekend and that she'd be surprised if I made it to my next appt.  His reaction was "well, I've been doing this long enough to know that no baby is predictable and probably wouldn't have said that to you."  Great.  So, lots of hopes up for nothing.  He did look at the measurements she had recorded from my exam and said that it's true, I could have gone into labor, but wouldn't have made such a bold estimation.  He said that the fact that I've lost my plug means I'm still dilating, which is good.  But, losing the plug gives no hint to time, labor can start within hours of losing the plug, or 2 weeks.  He measured my belly as usual and listened to the heartbeat which was good and strong.  I was having contractions while we waited for the doctor and as he was feeling my belly.  So, it's also good that I'm having them, but not to worry about them until they start to get painful. 
And we had to move into the discussion of what to do next week if I'm still with baby.  They like to closely monitor that over-due babies, so I have two appts, Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon.  He said that they don't like to jump to inducing because that can make labors more difficult and end up in a c-section.  However, babies that are too late can get too big and have complications resulting in a c-section anyway, so we'll just see how things go this week.  So delighted to be talking about c-section again. 

2007-08-22  (39 weeks)
and another day
Just in case anyone checks this daily for baby:).
But I have resolved to try to resume some kind of regular activity.  The waiting and lounging around at home is nice and all, but not productive and doesn't seem to get anything moving.  So this morning we went to a movie and did a bunch of grocery shopping.  I didn't have groceries for the later part of this week, assuming I'd be in the hospital or at least not cooking!  I'll be going for a walk shortly and I do have the addressing of our announcements to do at some point. 
I had been convinced that the relative ease of my third trimester (and my pleasantly small size) was in exchange for the rough and scary first trimester.  But I will think differently soon if I am past due! 
2007-08-21  (39 weeks)
a false alarm
So last night at about 10 pm, I was noticing very mild, but regular contractions.  I started paying attention to the clock for an hour and they seemed to come every 6-8 minutes.  Nothing really painful, just a tightening and releasing, but the sensation seemed to radiate out from my abdomen more so than before.  The baby was also so active, that I felt sharp jabs of pain as her head poked on what I can only assume is my cervix.  I'm surprised my water didn't break because of that. 
I've read that if I walk around or lie on my left side and it still persists, that it's probably early labor.  So I took a shower around 11:30 as usual, and still had contractions.  Then I layed on my left side in bed and Alex kept an eye on the time.  Not really increasing in intensity yet, but still regular.  Then around midnight, I had a more intense contraction, so Alex jumped up and threw some things in our bag that hadn't been packed yet.  I told him not to get over excited, that it could still be nothing.  Even if it were something, the books say to try to sleep through the first stage because the next stages are very intense and I'll need my strength.  So, after a while we fell asleep.  I awoke in the night with a couple more intense contractions.  Then, before I knew it, it was morning and everything had subsided!  I am still getting the mild contractions, but nothing progressing.  All of the hoopla and everything did give me a headache, which I still have. 
But, not more mucous passing, so I'm pretty sure that's all gone and hopefully I'll be in the 48 hour range, which would be sometime today/tonight.  Though with the pattern of things...I'm not getting my hopes up.  Alex does want me to have some spicey food for dinner though!:)

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