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2007-04-14  (20 weeks)
Interacting with baby:)
This morning Alex and I were laying in bed and the baby started moving as usual.  Alex put his hand on to feel and felt some little wiggles.  Then he pressed and baby pressed back.  He pressed again, and baby pressed back again!  This went on a few times.  How fun is that!  First play time with the baby. 
Megan is here now, she arrived last weekend.  She been checking everyday to try to feel the baby herself.  But baby's been shy and hasn't acted up much.  And if it does move, immediately stops when she runs over to feel.  Finally, yesterday she got her first pokes and she was very excited!  Oh and she bought 3 totally cute bodysuits at Target for baby yesterday.  She said "I'm not going to make any money this year because I'll probably spend everything on the baby!"
Monday morning is our big gender ultrasound!  I'm am so excited to know for sure that I can hardly stand it!  Next weekend, Alex and I will be running out to register.  (Babies R Us and USA Baby for those who might ask.)
2007-04-09  (20 weeks)
half way!!!
So, we're half way now!  20 weeks and going strong.  At half way, baby is now 10" from head to heel (not measuring head to rump anymore).  Baby Center updates gave me no fruit or veggie to compare it to, so baby is actually just a baby!  We're also a week away from the gender ultrasound.  Next Monday, the 16th! 
2007-04-05  (19 weeks)
pics of me
Here's a side photo of me at 19 weeks (Alex took it last night!).  I swear I feel bigger than I look here...maybe I need to wear tighter clothes for the picture!  I'll try again another day.  But for now, this is the progress most people see.  And those who don't know me still don't think I "look" pregnant.  I think its because I have such a long torso, so I don't look as round.  I am wearing the oh-so-flattering maternity jeans, but managing to still pull down a puffy regular-wear shirt.  Well, it'll catch up to me soon I'm sure....time is flying by so quickly!  
2007-04-05  (19 weeks)
nudge, poke, squirm
Baby put on quite a show for Alex last night!  Alex first felt the baby move on Saturday, on our way down to Sierra's birthday party.  We were at a stop light and I felt a little squirm, so he reached over and finally felt it!  I know he was very excited!
After dinner last night, we were lounging on the couch watching our shows and the baby started to wiggle and poke again, but for a long time!  Alex could lay his hand there and feel the entertainment for a good 5-10 minutes!  Then again when we went to bed around 11:30.  And I woke up in the middle of the night and felt more again!  I think the baby is finally knowing how to use his/her arms and legs.  Still not strong enough to be "kicks", but definite nudge, poke, squirm!:)

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