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2007-04-27  (22 weeks)
A Baby Girl!!
This morning we had another ultrasound, the one to examine the baby's organs and development.  We of course requested to know the gender again!  And we're more confident now to declare that we're having a girl!  We're of course just thrilled that she's healthy and everything is progressing as it should.  The doctor went over all of the organs and explained about defects he's seen in other babies.  Our girl has a normal sized bladder, her heart is divided as it should be, her bone structure and spine are growing as they should, and he examined her brain as well.  He said she's about 1 lb, 3 oz and her measurements put her at exactly 22 week, 5 days which is what I am!  Her length though puts her a few days past that...she's long:).  We also got a few good looks at her face and she seems to have my lips. :)  The doctor also did a quick ultrasound of my cervix to make sure nothing was changing to signal an early delivery, and everything is normal there too.  Oh but the baby is breach so far...hopefully will rotate at some point, but we have many weeks yet for her to do that.  Otherwise, we were given lots of great pictures that I'll have to scan in and post this weekend!  Now we will have to concentrate on girl names, and can go out and plan for a baby girl!  Alex is already calling her his "princess":).  Before we left the building, we went upstairs and registered for our baby classes.  We'll be taking a Baby Basics, Labor class, and I will take a breastfeeding class.  Lots to do!!
2007-04-23  (22 weeks)
22 week hip pain
I'm about to go to bed to experience what I'm sure will be my 5th night in a row of hip pain.  I can't even imagine how many more pillows I can bring into bed!  In the morning, they're strewn all over the room from me throwing them around in the middle of the night, trying to get comfortable.  For a few weeks now, the hip I'm not laying on has been sore, so when it hurts badly, I've been putting a pillow between my legs.  I've read that's the solution and it seemed to work.  Lately though, it's been not just that hip, but the hip that's bearing the weight.  Which doesn't surprise me considering a baby is laying on it!  But I haven't found a solution.  I brought my long body pillow into bed early this morning and had it wrapped around me.  I think i eeked out an hour of sleep to make up for the hours missed during the night.  But still not great.  I did some looking online and hip pain seems to be a common complaint.  And most people online keep talking about using more and more pillows...soon Alex won't fit in the bed!  Plus, those who know me well know how I can't stand wrinkled sheets, so imagine laying on and around a bunch of pillows all wrinkling and bugging me.  Well, there's my dose of complaining.  Done for now!:)
Otherwise things are coming together a bit more in the planning area.  We took our first registry trip to Babies R Us on Friday.  And wow, was that overwhelming!  I think we handled the baby basics stuff pretty well.  But when you're standing infront of a row of 16 different strollers and have to pick one that works for to choose?!  So, we've moved on to the research stage of some of our purchases.  I now have the recommended book "Baby Bargains" and have done some research online.  So hopefully, our next trip will be a smooth one!
2007-04-16  (21 weeks)
baby leaves us in suspense...
Our OB appt. today left us with no clear answer on gender!  We were all so disappointed.  Alex and I came with a little crowd, his parents and Megan came along.  Dr. Chen was bubbly and nice as usual and was excited for us to find out.  But after looking and looking and looking some more, the baby had his/her legs curled up.  The baby was very active and moved and stretched, but the legs were crossed the whole time.  The doctor did move to get a view from below the tushy and made her own guess, but said she couldn't be sure.  She is leaning towards girl.  But said she couldn't see what she needed to see.  Now I'm glad we opted for the 2nd tier ultrasound next week.  It will be very clear and the doctor checks out all of the organs including the genitals.  So, hopefully with that one, we'll know!!  We so desperately wanted to start buying and planning for one sex or the other.  And I really wanted to register this weekend.  Sigh, will give it one more week:). 
2007-04-14  (20 weeks)
pics and baby poll
I just sent out a mass email about this, but I've posted a baby poll for online guessing!  Visit:
Also, I put up a few new photos in my album!

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