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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2007-05-15  (25 weeks)
25 week baby update
I went to my 25 week glucose screening today.  At 6:45 I drank a sugary orange-flavored glucose drink.  My appt. was at 7:45 and they took my blood exactly an hour after I finished the drink.  The drink will test for diabetes as well as anemia.  The doctor said that many women can become anemic as pregnancy progresses and will need to take more iron.  I'll have my tests back in a week.  Otherwise, the appt. was very normal and quick.  Dr. Chen listened to the baby's heartbeat, 146bpm!  She said, very steady and healthy.  She said I'm making her job very easy right now.  I replied with, not the case a few months ago!  But I'm glad that is the case now:).  Dr. Chen urged me to call and make an appt. to tour the maternity ward of the hospital as well as send in my registry papers.  If I register early, I can just walk in when I'm in labor and go straight in.  "Walk", ha, we'll see.  I was disappointed with a small piece of news though.  This whole time it never occurred to me that Dr. Chen might not deliver the baby.  It turns out that she delivers C-section only.  I'm sad about that because we really like her!  My next appt. will be with the only doctor that I haven't met, of the 3 that deliver, Dr. Bliss.  My first couple of appts. were with Dr. Trejo and she was fine, but not nearly as warm as Dr. Chen.  My level 2 ultrasound was with Dr. Brusch and he was very cold.  But I guess I figure it's just one day with someone else and I'd rather spend my prep time with Dr. Chen.
Baby girl has been very active, kicking a lot and a lot of the movements are visible from the outside.  I'll be hoping she acts the same when I'm at home in MD in the next few days, so family can see!
2007-05-14  (25 weeks)
a "mama to be" for mama's day!
Yesterday was Mother's Day!  I wouldn't say there was much celebrating going on for me though.  Leora and I are still toiling away on NYC show prep.  We're just down to the little things and are pretty much set!  Yesterday involved some final paper scoring, boxing up a few shipments, some final display packaging, and taking photos of our work for a photo display.  So, while that was going on, Alex had gone down to OC to celebrate Mother's Day with his family.  He did give me a gift certificate to have a prenatal massage!  I am excited about that and will definately need it after I return home from the show!
I'm starting to experience a bit more extreme mood swings.  Definately the hormones.  I don't experience extremes within one day, but I'll wake up and just feel down all day for no good reason.  Or happy and energetic another day.  I can handle the happy days...the down days are a bummer.  I guess this will be a preview for the post-partum stuff. 
Megan decided to put her ear to my belly last night and thinks she can hear the baby moving around in her liquid home.  I couldn't tell you what it sounds like, I'll never get my ear down there:)...but she seems convinced that she can hear her move and it's not just my own internal noises. 
2007-05-10  (24 weeks)
Time is flying!
Whew!  Time is just flying!  I am now less than a week away from baby's first plane trip.  In Mommy's tummy of course, but she'll be traveling!  I have to admit that I'm very much dreading it.  I can't imagine coach seats will be very comfortable in my condition.  But I have to have an aisle seat so I can make it to the restrooms often and get up and stretch my legs as the doctor has suggested. 
It's time for a another tummy photo.  I'll have to remember to have someone take one later today.  Alex thinks my belly changing weekly now, which makes sense since she's putting on more weight than length now I think.  Her movements are also packing a bit more punch than before.  She's moving right now as I'm typing and I can actually see my belly poke out in places, through my shirt!  Even her slight movements that aren't kicks or punches, can still be felt from the outside.  It feels like she's rolling around. 
My next OB is Tuesday early morning for my glucose screening for gestational diabetes.  I have to drink an orange, probably sugary, liquid exactly one hour before they can do the test.  Yikes, I have to make sure to do that correctly!
2007-05-03  (23 weeks)
all registered!
Whew, registry done, a million things left to do!
We went out on Saturday to USA Baby and Babies R Us to finish our registry now that we know we're having a girl.  We made most of our major registry decisions at USA Baby because they are just so helpful and personable there!  It was much easier to make decisions with their input.  We registered for white baby furniture by the Baby's Dream brand.  We also selected "Tropical Punch" bedding by Cocalo.  It's jungle animals in baby girl colors, light yellow, peach, pink and a strawberry color.  Very cute!  This store also had a long aisle of strollers, but there was a woman posted there to answer questions and demonstrate the stroller use for us.  That was so nice, it made the decision so easy.  We picked a Graco Metrolite stroller.  We had previously registered for a Graco system, but it was pretty heavy and bulky.  This new stroller is a lighter version and should be easier for me to handle when I'm out with baby alone.  The stroller is black with pink floral edging.  We also picked a black and pink car seat.  I thought I'd want something neutral to suit a second baby as well, but we were so excited to pick out pink things, that we'll just deal with it when the second baby is on the way:).  The last major thing was the convertible car seat.  We went with a rather expensive, but well recommended brand, Britax.  The baby will use it for years now that kids have to stay in car seats until they're 4 or it's worth the expense to keep them safe.  Oh and I registered for a sling to tote her around the house in:).
On to Babies R Us where we registered for the rest of our little basics and spent some time cooing over the baby girl clothes.  Alex bought his first few items of little girl LA Dodger gear.  She now has a little pink Dodger's hat, a little pink Dodger's shirt and a little blue and gray Dodger's dress with blue and gray bloomers and a ruffle.  Too cute!  Alex really enjoyed looking at the clothing and is getting very excited for her arrival.  He picks up the clothes under the arms and pretends to hold her and spin her around. :)
My LA area shower is also being planned by Megan and my good friend, Leora.  It is now set for June 24th!

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