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2007-06-09  (28 weeks)
baby cpr certified
Today we went to a West LA Cord Blood Bank that was putting on a free cpr training class.  The session was 2 hours, the first being a cord blood orientation.  We found it interesting but are very torn on whether the cord blood banking is worth it.  If we decide not to do it at all, I think I'd still like the idea of donating the blood instead of just throwing it out.  I am very much in support of the research.
The second hour was a very informative infant cpr class.  The teacher was great, very serious, clear, and straight-forward.  We're now certified!  He also did an overview of some of the first aid things we'd need to know for infants and toddlers.  I'm glad I took the class.  But the idea of my baby laying there unconscious made me tear up a couple of times.  I'm glad though that we'll be able to help her if something should happen.  When Megan got home tonight, I also gave her a brief lesson using a doll, so she's got some idea of what to do too.  Next up, birthing prep class on Tuesday night!
For 29 weeks, the update is that she's about 2.5 lbs and around 15 inches head to heel!
2007-06-08  (28 weeks)
Getting bigger by the day!
I'll have to post another picture soon because I feel like I am even bigger each morning than the day before!  Baby is definitely filling my stomach and I can feel her body close to the surface.  But the picture may not do me justice.  Every person that I meet tells me how small and slight I am for as far along as I am.  I've gained about 18 pounds as of my appt. last week, but it seems to be mostly all belly!  I'm told I don't look pregnant from behind and my face and limbs haven't collected much cushion.  But my belly has taken on an identity of its own.  It doesn't even seem like my stomach anymore, more of a prosthetic:).  Baby moves all the time now and it's not just pokes that I feel.  I feel all kinds of movement, even what might just be a roll or turn of the head. 
I am still enjoying how I am feeling.  I am not suffering from much third trimester exhaustion yet.  The only complaint besides the evening indigestion is my more frequent potty visits at night.  Sometimes I find myself running to the bathroom to pee because she's been stepping on my bladder!  Otherwise, I am having fun with the more obvious state of my pregnancy and actually like chatting with strangers about it.  All of my clients are very happy to chat about it when they visit my house.  Not much other body changes, but my feet are getting a little puffier than they used to be.
I have to say that the 9 months does go by so fast!  As much as I disliked the first trimester and the hospital ordeal, the rest of the pregnancy has been relatively pleasant.  And it's so much fun to anticipate her arrival and plan for everything that she needs.  I will be thrilled to have her when she's here, but will probably miss the excitement of the pregnancy.  I also enjoy carrying her around and knowing she's always with me and I am keeping her safe.  It's satisfying to know that my body is doing what it is meant to do.  :)
2007-06-02  (27 weeks)
Baby classes - Part One!
Today we had out first set of baby prep classes.  From 9 - 11:30 we had a baby basics class and then from 12-2 a breastfeeding class.  Baby Basics was pretty much stuff I already knew, but was a nice general info class for Alex.  At the end, Marquina (the St. John's nurse who teaches the class), showed a video by the guy who writes "The happiest baby on the block" book.  I found that to be the most helpful.  The video was about soothing a baby that's upset by using the 5-S's.  Swaddling, Side-Stomach held position, Shushing, Swaying (or more of a jiggling as he showed it) and Sucking.  They were like miracle cures to each baby that was fussing in the video.  I will definitely remember to use those!! 
The breastfeeding was very informative for me, not quite as interesting for Alex, but he did stay for it.  I've heard so many stories of the frustration, pain and general discomfort with breastfeeding.  So the class was nice for info, demonstration and lots of question/answer.  She showed a video at the end of this class as well which demonstrated proper latching and how to problem-solve with breastfeeding issues.  I'm glad I took that class! 
Our next classes aren't until the week after next when we'll have our first of 2 "Realities of Childbirth" labor prep classes.  We'll also be taking an infant cpr class at some point, tbd. 
On our way home we stopped at the Living Green store.  We picked out and ordered a primer and peachy paint to paint the baby's room.  The store specializes in low VOC paint, so that there's no toxins leaching into her room when she arrives.  We'll paint next weekend since the paint couldn't be ready on the spot. 
We also recently reserved a photographer to take pregnancy photos of me with Alex.  Her site is  I love her work and she was very nice to chat with.  We'll be taking them August 4th in the evening (sunset) in Temescal Canyon (North of Santa Monica but not yet Malibu).
Also, I had another OB appt. to check on baby on Friday morning.  I had this appt. with a doctor in the practice that I hadn't yet met, Dr. Bliss.  After realizing I wasn't going to be able to have Dr. Chen deliver, they scheduled me with another doctor.  Dr. Bliss was also wonderfully friendly and very bubbly!  I'd be happy with her as well.  The appt. was very quick, just a listen to the heartbeat.  The beating was very strong the the Dr. was pleased with it.  She then made sure the I have signed up for all of the classes and such that I should be taking.  Oh and took my pediatrician info for the hospital records.  We're going to use my family practice doctor, Dr. Buddeberg.  We've also been signed up for our hospital tour on July 2nd. 
Whew, lots of appts and things to get ready for baby!!  But not exhausted yet, still going strong.  Which is good, because after the Stationery Show in NYC, we're busy doing stationery production. 
2007-05-27  (27 weeks)
baby goes to NYC!
Lots to say in this update!  On the 16th, I flew to MD to prep for the National Stationery Show.  I was apprehensive about flying, but everything went well.  I did wear my support belt to keep the weight from shifting in flight (like shifting baggage!).  Otherwise, no complaints!  Well, our flight was significantly delayed, but otherwise, no complaining:).  Once in MD, the last minute shopping began.  I had to pick up some frames and problem-solve our curtain hook issue.  Megan was nice enough to sew up the fabric we bought, into drapes to decorate the booth.  But we had to figure out how to hand them!  On Friday, Dad started the truck packing, as we had to fit two white dressers, boxes, and a large suitcase (plus our bags!) into the bed of the truck.  Mom did some last minute sewing for table covers as well.  We were up at 4 am Saturday morning to make the drive.  We had heard about rain, so we were concerned to keep everything dry.  After several stops to try and fix the tarps that were flying off, we removed them and hoped for the best.  After drive with the stops and the long wait to get through the Lincoln Tunnel, the drive was about 5 hours.  Baby was content, not upset by the early morning rising.  Once in NYC, we made it to the Javits Convention Center, met up with Leora, and spent the next several hours (until 5:30) putting up our booth.  In the end, everything looked great and nothing was forgotten or missing.  Whew!  The show took place over the next 3 1/2 days.  All in all, a great success!  Lots of positive feedback from prospective buyers and we took in about $8300 in sales!  I've heard that the average for a new exhibitor is $5000, so I was very happy to exceed my expectations.  There was a large demand for custom invitation work, so we will be getting into that soon as well.  Many customers took our catalog, so we're hoping for some late follow-up orders.  Oh, and our gumball give-aways were a big hit:).  We had lots of compliments on our booth design.  On Wednesday, the 23rd, the show ended at 3 pm and we had to do a fast pack up to get out of town.  The close-up took about 1 hour, and then we had to pack the truck again and find some of our stored items.  We were on the road around 7 and made it home around 11:30.  Each night, I was pretty exhausted, but found myself to be pretty energetic at the show.  I did experience many tired moments, but was happy that I was just in my 6th month and not farther along.  I'm sure I wouldn't have had as much stamina.  There were lots of pregnant ladies at the show.  Several people commented about "something being in the water":).  Most of the women were operating booths, so my explanation was pretty simple.  Everyone operating a booth owns their own business, and that allows both work and family.  That's my reason for being able to work and have a baby.  Flexibility.  Also, a lot of the women looked to be about as far along as I, summer babies!:) 
Thursday was a relaxation day in MD for me.  Leora went home and packed up the graduation and father's day items right away.  Then, on Friday, Mom and Dad hosted a very nice baby shower supper.  Dad bbq'd chicken and sausages.  Mom made potato salad, jello molded into a stroller shape, baked beans, slaw, a veggie tray, and lots of dessert goodies.  She had decorated adorable cupcakes and cookies.  When Grandma arrived, she also had a cookie bouquet from Uncle Larry's shop, as well as tons of chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.  YUM!  The guests came around 6:30 and we had dinner, opened gifts, has some cupcakes, and everything was over.  Knowing we are having a girl, we got lots of very cute girly outfits.  Lots of "awwwing" as the boxes were opened.  We also got several items off of our registry, which I'm happy about.  Now I just have to figure out how to get everything home!
On Saturday, we went to Katy's wedding and I wore a new orange dress that's not maternity and will fit me after baby!  The wedding was beautiful.  We had done her save the dates and invitations.  I also did the address calligraphy and brought her escort sets and programs with me to the ceremony.  Lots of compliments on the work. 
Today, we're going to an O's game and will be flying back tomorrow evening.  Lots to do when I get back!  Our baby furniture won't be in until July, but we want to get the room painted.  We'll be doing a peach color.  We also have our first baby classes on June 2nd.  We're jumping right in to heavy baby prep!  My baby center update for week 27 puts her at about 2 pounds and about 14.4 inches long from head to toes.  The update says she's really growing quickly now.  I should have some interesting bump pictures to come!  My baby-meter says just 13 weeks left until the due date.  Wow, it seems so much closer when you say it like that!!  :)

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