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2007-07-11  (33 weeks)
third trimester or first trimester-part 2?
My first trimester was filled with exhaustion and afternoon nausea.  The third trimester is trying to compete.  I've starting getting nauseous again around 2 until dinner time again.  Not my favorite part of the first trimester.  I'm also experiencing some new aches and pains.  My ankles swelled for the first time last week.  I wasn't expecting it, but looked down at dinner and exclaimed in surprise at their size!  I'm also finding that the baby seems to press on a nerve in my lower back.  I have to get on my hands and knees and rock back and forth to encourage her to fall away from my back a bit.
Last week, she went to her first Dodger's game.  My first too, actually.  Alex, Megan, my dad and I all went for the 4th of July game and fireworks.  A great display!  We've also sat through a couple of movies, much to my back's dismay.  We saw Transformers and Ratatouille. 
We went to pick up our baby furniture last week, only to return with the crib.  The crib came unassembled, but our large dresser came all put together!  And, consequently, won't fit into a normal sized car or suv.  This weekend, Alex and Christy's boyfriend, Bob, will be picking it up in Bob's truck.  We're so greatful that he volunteered or we'd have had to rent something.  So, right now, just the crib is put together and in place.  Oh and the glider and ottoman. 
Megan and I went to JoAnn's yesterday to get some fabric for her room in her new apt. and also get fabric to make the closet curtains in baby's room.  We found the perfect fabric!  a light orange and light yellow with tiny white dots.  So, I'll be sewing those up soon. 
Oh and we toured and registered at the hospital on the 2nd.  And I had another OB appt. on the 3rd which was uneventful.  According to baby updates, she's past 4 lbs and around 17 inches long!  I am expanding daily and am starting to look larger by the week.  Baby is also much more active and I feel her all day long, not just when I'm sitting still.  Makes me a bit nauseous to have her jostling my insides around all day long!  And she continues to stick her little butt out, making my stomach change to odd shapes:). 
2007-06-30  (31 weeks)
entering month #8
Tomorrow will be the start of week number 32, and by all of my baby books, month number 8!  I'm definitely starting to feel it now.  The easy comfort of the second trimester and most of my 7th month are no more.  I am finding that my back is sore a lot, as well as the underneath of my belly, since her increasing weight is dragging on both my back and stomach.  I've had a couple of episodes of foot cramps.  Getting up out of bed or out of a relaxed sitting position is much more difficult:) there won't be as much running to the phone anymore!  My lower digestive tract is a disaster and I'm having to prop myself up higher at night due to the constant reflux.  Yum, I know.  Oh and I am noticing a few more vericose veins nearing the surface on my legs, joy.  But even with all of this, I am still plugging away at my days, still trying to maintain a reasonable work schedule (thank goodness I work for myself!).  And despite aches and pains, time is still passing very quickly.  I'm sure in my last month and last couple of weeks, I won't say the same:).
On the other hand though, with her increasing size, feeling her movements has become vey easy.  She's especially active when I lay down to sleep at night, so I'm sure she'll be doing the same when she's born, much to our future sleep-deprived dismay.  Megan was in our room at night the other day and baby's limbs were popping out, elbows or knees discernable.  I can also feel her roll and move around more during the day that I had before. 
My LA shower was last Sunday, the 24th.  It was a lovely afternoon with lots of good friends and family and nice presents.  Megan and Leora had rented some tables and umbrellas and covered the tables with yellow table cloths.  Megan put together some pretty floral centerpieces and they put out a nice spread of appetizers and desserts.  Leora made a cake out of diapers and Alex's godmother, Norma, brought the actual cake with an ultrasound of the baby printed on top.  Megan organized a couple of games...a few rounds of baby bingo and a nursery rhyme game.  We received a lot of big items at the shower and only have a few small things still missing.  We got our infant car seat, stroller, crib mattress and more toys, clothes, and other baby goodies.  Our back room is now filled with baby gear!  Megan is moving out this weekend and so we'll be picking up our baby furniture this week.  My dad will be visiting during the later part of the week, so we're going to recruit him to help us put the furniture together:).  Then we can move things into baby's room and start getting our house back to normal...I know both Alex and I are getting tired of the stuff everywhere!  But clutter will get to be a more familiar thing when baby we're in clutter training. 

2007-06-23  (30 weeks)
baby's getting heavy....
I still have 2 months until my due date and I'm starting to feel the baby's weight.  If I went early, I have just 6 weeks, but still, that's quite a while!  I'm definitely increasing in size by the week.  My linea negra (the dark line that appears down the tummy) is much more visable.  I'm also noticing the skin pulling around from my I fear that stretch marks aren't far away.  I got my first charlie horse in my right calf while in Target today.  My tummy feels achy underneath from the weight and starts to feel that way much sooner than it used to.  I used to be able to stand and walk for hours without feeling any discomfort, but the discomfort is starting to be more frequent.  Overall, I still have plenty of energy and am keeping up with my home businesses very well.  I am still sleeping fairly well, but am getting up to pee 2 times per night now instead of just one.  The baby feels much bigger from the outside as well.  Every now and then, pretty much everyday, I feel some achy movement and she's moved her head or butt close to my skin's surface.  I can touch it and feel a very hard shape underneath.  And when she kicks and moves, I can feel it from both sides of my stomach. 
We'll be at 31 weeks tomorrow and I'm having my LA shower!  I'm looking forward to that.  We're also doing a bit more on the nursery this weekend.  We went to home depot and bought shelving for her little closet and will be setting that up.  I can then hang all of her cute little clothes and start putting some things away.  Baby stuff has been taking over the rest of the house, so I'm looking foward to giving it all a "home" in baby's room!
Oh and I don't think that I mentioned in an earlier entry, but we had our second half of our birthing prep class this past Tuesday.  It was fine, but not quite as interesting as the first half.  This half was all about c-sections, epidurals, and some bringing home baby stuff which we'd already heard in our baby basics class.  I did try to pay close attention though because the stats are 25% of births are cesarean.  It's not what I'd prefer to do, but it's always best to be prepared and "in the know".  We just have our hospital tour on the 2nd and we're "prepared", at least in terms of classes.  I'm thinking that a lot of the labor in delivery will end up being instinct, but we'll see.  It will be nice to have Alex's support.  And my good friend and business partner, Leora, is going to be training to be a Doula, so she'll be helping me as well.  And with Megan there to assist, I'm sure I'll have all the support I could ever need!
2007-06-18  (30 weeks)
last trip away before baby
On Thursday, (June 14th) Alex, Megan and I traveled to Cleveland for our cousin Jen's wedding.  My back definitely got sore faster than the previous trip to MD for the stationery show.  I'm glad the trip wasn't longer than 4 hours.  I was losing my patience towards the end!  The wedding was lovely!  I put up a couple of photos of me in my preggy dress in the photo album section.  It was nice to see everyone and have everyone see my belly.  The baby did a little bit of movement for my Aunt Genie, cousin Marie and my Grandma (great-grandma to be!).  She seems to be very shy of people though and can almost sense when someone's hand is resting on my belly, hoping to feel some movement.  She gets very still and doesn't want to "perform". 
The general consensus remains that I look very small for how far along I really am.  I'm wondering if I will poke out all of a sudden when she rotates and her butt pokes my belly out further.  We shall see.  I'm thinking she's no longer breach, but rather lying sideways.  I often feel her close to the surface and feel a hard crescent shape, like she's curled up under my lower abdomen. 
Our plane ride home was packed with babies, toddlers and little kids.  I don't know how it happened that there were so many tiny kids on one flight!  Needless to say, several of the babies fussed, kicked seats, etc.  I'm hoping I can master flying with kids since we'll be doing it a lot.
Also, our first baby delivery class was this past Tuesday.  Our second half is this coming Tuesday night.  It's just a general info class, with a little bit of breathing and coaching techniques.  But mostly informative so that I feel well prepared and understand what will be happening.  I was reluctant to sign up a for a more specific class, not knowing what will really happen. 
Alex finished painting the baby's room when we got back in this afternoon.  We'll be doing our own version of some custom shelving this weekend, to finish up her closet. 

Baby update for 30 weeks is that she's about 15.5 inches and 3 pounds!


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