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2014-10-02  (26 weeks)
quiet baby and braxton hicks ..
I'm sure my child likes to worry me, no movements bar the odd one kick, tried everything suggested to get the little one moving ... Nothing! Then a lovely attack of braxton hicks and yes they are painful! Thankfully all the tightening has seemed to wake bambi up and now I'm literally getting attacked, can't complain I've missed feeling it all day!  
2014-10-02  (26 weeks)
Two days till I'm officially in my third and finally trimester and gosh I'm feeling it ...
Tonight I'm really feeling that ''third trimester strain'' I've noticed I have to push down on my legs to push myself up from my seat, I've started to waddle and I even ask myself if I really need that thing I just dropped on the floor (the answer has been no) I feel like a balloon!  
2014-10-02  (26 weeks)
Heavy baby ..
I have no idea what this little one is up to today but I think the baby has found a nerve, decided to lay on it and is point blank refusing to move resulting in an extremely painful heavy little bump today .. Laying on my back is a no go zone and my right size isn't much better.. Hopefully the excitement of having my new pram delivered today will get this bambi shifting .. Or I could always mention the word cake ... *incase you didn't know I have a child genius that reacts to the mention of cake, especially nanny's home made cake* I have no idea where this obsession came from, I hate cake! Well up until about a week ago that was, sponge chocolate cake is my weak point currently and this child goes crazy for it! Unfortunately that's my healthy eating pregnancy out of the window for a while, to think I was doing so well too!, oddly I did have an extreme craving for pickles, followed by vanilla milkshake (McDonald's one mainly) cucumber, salad leaves, tomato's, boiling hot potatoes (they are amazing) and ready salted crisps now and then .. Pretty good if you ask me! Anyway, like I mentioned, my pram is being delivered today! Ekkkkkkk! Never been so excited and I think the fact I struggled to pay for it myself has made it so much more exciting! Can't wait to get it up and make sure all is okay, spoilt bambi currently has two car seats! Original purpose was me being extremely generous and mumsy and buying one for the daddy *didnt go to plan* but by the looks of things they will both be staying with me .. and they are not cheap ones either! I was actually shocked at the prices of car seats, the one that's being delivered today set me back £130 without the base! Figured if I already have a maxi cosi with a isofix base *bloody expensive* I am not forking out for another base when baby can only use one car seat at once! It's crazy how becoming a mother you will literally struggle to be generous and make sure your child has the very best and most importantly the very safest things regardless of if the products are for me or for the father .. I have no thank you or appreciation shown. I guess that's what being a mother is all about though, as long as baby is happy and safe so is mummy! .. I better start getting ready to take a trip to wait in for my pram *apparently it's an old wives tale where your not allowed the baby's pram in your house? It's meant to be bad luck, for this reason my mother has refused point blank of allowing me to have the pram so it's been delivered and kept at hers .. I think it's an excuse to play with it myself personally but we will see* shall update later ..  
2014-10-02  (26 weeks)
New Blog ...
Finally decided to transfer my blog, with 3 months to go until the big due date I'd better start updating the past 6 months ... Enjoy and welcome to the new site!  

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