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2015-02-01  (14 weeks)
my journey so far at 14 weeks 2 days
Hi there, so here's my complicated pregnancy story. Seeing the result PREGNANT on the stick and being drunk at the same time was quiet a shock and not what i expected or wanted at the time. I decided to get a private scan to check dates on conception as I was with more than one man, ( I'm sure a few of you will judge me for that) anyway after the scan I text the father who was more than happy at the thought of being a father again. Long story cut short he's 34 married to a 21 year old with a child to an ex who he left for his wife. After multiple texts he decided he wanted the baby and myself, I would have been happy if he would have chose to abondon us both, as this is such a difficult situation. He didn't want to be with his wife and apparently told his mum, who wasn'tvery happy (as you can imagine) so we text everyday and met up at mine or his, when his wife was at work. We planned our life's together which seemed rather perfect and such a perfect family. we attended the scan at 13 weeks 3 days and took my 8 year old daughter along, as i want her to feel involved from the beginning. I was overly excited, my daughters behavior was terrible and his wife didn't stop texting all day, so all in all the day was a disaster. I ended up in a mood, he went home the next day, so back to reality. Since that visit which was a week ago, he has barely messaged me. I received a letter wednesday, regarding my trisomy 21 (down syndrome) test, it had come back high risk that 1 in 75 i would have a downs baby 98% chance it would be normal. So im booked in for the test next friday which makes me 15 weeks, I'm scared and confused and have both fingers crossed, scary as it seems iv bled for 6 days, only spotting sometimes barely visible, i will carry on the journal and explain as my pregnancy progresses. PLEASE do not judge me as I'm finding it hard to be positive at the minute. Anyway time for bed and hopefully tomorrow will make me smile 😁  

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