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2015-04-22  (4 weeks)
10 DPO Positive test, symptoms, test photo
10 DPO I wake up and go to the bathroom to take a test right away. I know that the morning urine is the best - it's concentrated, it's been held for a while, it's smelly. I stare at the results not knowing whether I can believe my eyes - it's very light but looks positive. Just a little positive. I sit there and wonder whether I could be "a little bit" pregnant. Hours pass, I do my chores, run my errands, and keep thinking whether it's a yes. By noon I convince myself that it is, and then I begin feeling those tingles of excitement - still uncertain but it's there.  
2015-04-22  (4 weeks)
9 DPO - symptoms. Positively Pregnant.
It's all about the little changes and things in your everything that hint at early pregnancy. This is my second, and the last one was also easy to determine, although seemed unbelievable at first. We prepared: I got a $60 digital ovulation kit from Walgreens, and a bunch of cheap ovulation tests form Clinical Guard.We did mess around trying to conceive the month before, but it was on vacation at the islands, all those cocktails and trips, didn't really work for us. So basically we started really trying this month, April 2015. Guess what - it worked! We are both 32, currently with one a child - a gorgeous 7-year-old daughter. She is a gymnast, a model student, and a sweetheart. And the time has come to give her some older sister training. We didn't try too hard this month. Somehow my ovulation started earlier than all my apps predicted, and when I first tested (thinking it's almost a week away), my cheap test showed that I'm at my peak. Needless to say I blamed the price, and ignored. Luckily, we did have sex that night. The following day I pulled out the digital kit, and started peeing on the sticks vigorously, twice a day for the next week. And guess what- the ovulation never showed up! I was pissed and confused, I tried peeing on the cheap tests yet again - but all it showed was seemingly a negative with very light second line. (Yes, my husband took his ovulation test too, just to make sure the sticks were real. He wasn't exactly ovulating, but had a light line show up there too.) I dug the internet looking for other non-ovulating women. I knew I could have children, but the tests really confused me. Throughout that week we only had sex 3 times, mostly due to disappointment and trying to "save it" for the ovulation that never showed up on neither tests. A week and a half later I learned to trust the cheap Clinical Guards. Turns out, I did get pregnant, and my ovulation probably did come early, just as the test showed. 9 DPO - I'm suddenly craving apples. (And I don't like apples.) Clinical Guard Pregnancy test (the only brand I now trust) shows a very (veeeery) slight line, only visible in certain light. Not convinced. At all. However, I suddenly feel a strong sudden urge to remodel my house. I start looking into trends, designs, and furniture. Kids furniture too. Then I feel like cooking something special. I go straight to the kitchen and create a soup called "what I had in the fridge", a pure masterpiece, the best soup I ever made. Hubby goes nuts about it. The evening comes, and I analyze these surreal when added together ummm...symptoms? be continued..  

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