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2016-10-24  (baby has arrived)
Thunder and Lightning and Amazing kids!
Right now there is a thunderstorm going on with of course tons of lightning! We have a little puppy I brought home from the hospital so she wouldn't be alone in a cage all day and night. Hence, missing shoe and 25 minutes late to workout class 212. The kids are loving the lightning and thunder! I was in the shower and suddenly it went black! Sivan asked if the house got strucked! lol. He had a lot of questions about it all. Jarra can be heard in the other room correcting him right now as he gets ready for school. The kids are so perfect right now! They are playing chess at school on Tuesdays. Jarra just joined math Olympiads. They are kind, generous and very good kids! Jarra gets really good grades in school and is very interested in many things. Recently, she asked for cooking lessons. The best thing that happened is we started ordering Blue Apron, a service that delivers meals to your home and gives you easy recipes to cook them! Sivan just asked from the other room if lightning is water proof! lol. Then he asked if umbrellas are lightning proof. I said yes. Normally I don't say small fibs to the kids but Sivan is really scared of things easily and he will be upset all day if he thinks he could get "strucked" by lightning. He worries a lot. He also does this thing where he moves his neck and opens his eyes really big at the same time. Daddy is paranoid that something is wrong with him and wants to take him to the doctor. I'm not worried. He is in 1st grade and reads at a 3rd grade level at least. But his focus is not as good as Jarra's. I think it has to do with maturity. Mommy has been feeling really overwhelmed with work lately and so we just hired a new associate who we are really excited about! Can't wait to have some sanity! We are LOVING living in Claremont! Great Baha'i community, GREAT school within walking distance, amazing eateries, cafes, ice cream shops, community activities! Loving it! One bad thing- we had this incident where a man was very rude to Sivan at the local restaurant, The Village Grille- he started watching the way Sivan was eating and was saying "your momma autta smack you for eating like that! and if your daddy was here he autta smack you for sucking your plate off your plate like a pig!" It was bad and the restaurant asked him to leave and not ever come back. Then he left no top for the waitress. Poor guy was probably abused as a kid. :( I didn't really react much to him.  
2016-07-07  (baby has arrived)
Jarra's Sleepover at Abby's Farm and Boston
Tonight was special. Jarra went to Abby's farm for a sleepover. Sivan was there for a few hours and mommy went to pick him up after a long day at work. It was such a peaceful feeling at the farm. Abby, Jason, Laurel and Nathan, Sivan and Jarra were all seated at the picnic bench table outside in the shade and there was a cool breeze. They were eating a tofu/zuchini stir fry and I brought pizza from a healthy restaurant in Upland. We ate for a bit and then the kids went and got the goats out and rode them over logs. Abby mentioned that every animal that lives at the farm has to make a contribution or they cannot have them. Jason's hospitality was unmatched. He brought us little cups of ice cream, then peppermint tea, he threw a blanket over my shoulders and then finally brought out coffee with goat cream. We had amazing conversations and it was such a relaxing feeling. It made me think that what I really want in life at this time is a country home and to have a better work/life balance. We talked about me having the inlaws living with me and I told them that I actually like having them with me for the most part. I like the multi-generational living concept and that we will make it more livable by giving them their own kitchenette, etc. Abby said I should be the one with the kitchenette! She has a good point! Jarra stayed at the farm and Sivan and I came home. He loves to read and spent a lot of time at the farm and at home reading and finding places on the world map. Now it is time to sleep! Next week Jarra leaves for Boston for a visit to her dad for about a month and mommy is getting sad. She's leaving on my birthday. I pray she has a safe and happy time there and that she doesn't miss home too much.  
2016-01-18  (baby has arrived)
Sivan the kind comedian
Yesterday, Jarra fell while roller blading and Sivan was such an awesome little brother! He put his arms around her while she was getting out of the car and helped her get to the house, then he asked me to find a place for Jarra to lie down and he got a blanket to put on her- then he said he would go get her an ice pack. In other news, daddy said daddy head butted him in the groin, hit is head on his belt buckle and said "Daddy you're HARD!!!" lol Jarra is lovely and is having a bit of a hard time because of daddy Mike moving to Boston. He hasn't called much since he left and hasn't put much effort into getting her to visit him. He didn't call her on her birthday either. Not sure what's going on. But I don't know if I should put more pressure on him to call or just let him do what he is going to do. Luckily Jarra has an awesome daddy named Gaurav who takes care of her, bought her roller blades for her birthday and is out bowling with her and Sivan as I write this! Luckily she has amazing mommy, grandma and aunties and uncles too! She's blessed.  
2015-11-11  (baby has arrived)
Fall update
Oh my! So much has happened in the past few months and I have neglected to keep track of it all! I am so afraid I will forget these beautiful times with my sweet children! Sivan is 5 and a half and Jarra is almost 9! They are so wonderful! Jarra is so intelligent. She does very well in school- almost all A's on her first quarter report card at Immanuel! She is kind and considerate, dramatic and loving! She knows how to manipulate the "parents/grandparents" system. She is playing piano well and has adjusted to the English school system well. Daddy Mike just moved away to Boston about a month ago and that was a bit hard on Jarra. He came to the house the night he was leaving and Jarra was very sad and started crying after he left. I held her while she cried. She was pretty sad for a few days and cried at night too. We talked about her visiting but he's still getting settled in so we will have to wait until he is more stable for her to go visit. He also cried on the phone with her which was a bit difficult for her. She will be OK. I have been able to go on her school field trips which is wonderful! We went to the downtown museum and learned about the local natives and we're going to the Living Desert in a couple of weeks. I'll be driving and transporting some of the kids. I love her teacher who tells her she loves her, prays for and with her and is very supportive all the way around. Sivan is my lover and is so adorable! He says the cutest things we all just laugh! He told us one day that his butt threw up so he had to put his underwear in the trash. He loves hugs, loves and kisses- is very affectionate with all of us! He's very kind and a generally happy boy and plays really well with other kids. He has a genuine love and affection for them. He loves Bertha too and really loves Grandma! He still wears a diaper to bed. For some reason if he doesn't wear the diaper, he has a pee pee accident in the bed. Sivan and Jarra sleep with mommy still and we do a brain pop every night on my phone. Last night we did one about Ancient Egypt which is the kids favorite thing right now (especially Sivan) and Jarra is reading books about mummies to Sivan and he loves it. Daddy is at a job interview right now in Irvine at the Yardhouse. We have Baha'i children's classes here at 3:30 today and then the kids will go to Jon and Auntieclare's house for a gathering tonight while Gaurav and I go out to a CE meeting about making your vet hospital more cat friendly. All in all, all is well. Mommy and daddy love each other very much (even though mommy gets annoyed at daddy a lot :) and dadu and dady are coming here soon! They got their green cards so we are looking forward to their arrival! Dixie got a nice bath today! She looks so cute and Biggie is living at Arrow Dog and Cat Hospital. I will sign off for now!  

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