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2014-05-14  (baby has arrived)
Mother's Day 2014
Sitting up with Sivan and daddy while Jarra sleeps. She really needs her sleep because we have to get up at the crack of dawn to get her to Castle View. We are moving her to Immanuel Lutheran in the fall because she is not loving the Spanish immersion program much to my dismay. But it is affecting her health and I can't sacrifice that. It was just Mother's Day and I have been feeling very blessed and happy lately. We remodeled the house quite a bit and it really feels like a haven now, a real home. We had a nice Mother's Day. We went to a restaurant recommended by Abby which she sells her produce to. It was great, only the chairs were uncomfortable for my big rump and grandma's. We then went to a really cool ice cream place where they make everything fresh with real wholesome ingredients. After that, we dropped off grandma and we watched "The Croods" at home with some popcorn, just the 4 of us. I feel very blessed and keep praying I will be able to live long enough to see my children into adulthood and maybe even see my grandchildren. God willing. We had a little scare where I felt a possible lump in my left submandibular area, but today we cannot find it. The oncologist even checked it and felt nothing. I was really freaking out and so was Gaurav. He took the afternoon off of work to go to the doctor with me. I didn't even ask him to. He just wanted to. I felt really loved. It feels good to be in a real marriage. I never knew what one really looked like until now. And now I can identify them when I see them! The kids are doing well. Tiara comes and tutors them on a regular basis. Jarra is a real smarty! She was tested to see if she was up to par to start second grade in English and passed with flying colors! Sivan is learning his letters and counting. We are really excited about the kids going to Immanuel. Tiffany has been a great help in us getting accepted. Well, Sivan needs to get to bed now. He is a momma's boy and I am totally obsessed with him. He's such a boy. He loves to climb on us and jump from one place to the next. He loves sports and trains, planes and cars. Mommy loves him and Jarra all the way beyond eternity! Goodnight for now!  
2013-12-25  (baby has arrived)
Christmas 2013
Yes, we're the family that celebrates everything! We had a wonderful dinner with grandma and grandpa Lana and Bobby, a warm evening at home, candles lit, presents, food, happiness. Gaurav got Jarra a toy called snap circuits that teaches about electricity and they played on it all evening. Jarra decided she wants to be an engineer like daddy when she grows up. Kids left gluten free cookies, almond milk and a marshmallow for Santa. We had a short and scary trip to ER when I found a blood clot in my wrist but luckily it was in a small vein and nothing to worry about. All is well. Good night and Merry Christmas! This was my FB post. Anyway, I have been so bad about writing in this journal that so much time has passed. Things are good in our family! We bought the cat hospital and we could not be more thrilled about our new life as business owners. I love serving the clients and being able to do things my way! Dr. Lumsden is great and has decided to stay with us as an employee indefinitely. The kids are doing well. Jarra has her GI issues when she doesn't eat right and gets restless leg syndrome but we are constantly working on that. Sivan is the most adorable thing that ever lived and he is my little lover. He likes to go to the mall and get his hair cut and ride the choo chop. He goes to Immanuel Lutheran now and talks about baby Jesus a lot. Jarra is pretty well fluent in Spanish and is doing well in school. She's really a smart girl. The kids are always amazing and keep us on our toes. Tonight Jarra asked me "why are some people afraid of circus clowns?" and Sivan said "can dinasoars eat us?". Yesterday we had a party with the girls, Liza, Abby, Chitra, Tejal- all the kids and it was a blast. Tulsi is a real leader. Simon is a jokester and was photobombing our pictures. Lucas played the piano beautifully. Elsie dressed up in Indian clothes and looked amazing. We did a little game about Nelson Mandela. Ok time for mommy to go to sleep. Sivan will surely come in her bed in the night for snuggles, displacing daddy unfortunately. We are a happy family. We are blessed.  
2013-09-07  (baby has arrived)
My sweet caring angel Jarra
OMG I just had to share my heart wrenching experience with you all. Long story short, Jarra was playing with some little girls at Riverside Children's Theater and suddenly she came sprinting over to me with a horrified devastated look on her face, crying and burying her head in my chest saying she wanted to go home because she accidentally threw another little girl's toy up and it landed way up high on the ledge. I have never seen her this upset! She was so concerned about the other little girl and her lost toy that she couldn't stand to be in her own skin! The other little girl was crying and saying she could not sleep without that toy. Jarra was devastated and feeling defeat, just wanted to go home. I was horrified! What was I to do? I had to console Jarra and at the same time of course offered to try to get the toy down after theater class and drive it to her house. Unfortunately protocol prohibited that. We decided to wait for the custodian to come and get it down so we all (including the production manager who is already busy and overwhelmed with the show prep) waited until almost 9 PM until we heard that the custodian could not get the toy down. The production manager was diplomatically asking the other mom if she could just get another toy but she didn't budge. Jarra is still very upset about this and it is so hard to watch her in distress. Our plan is to go to Target in the morning and buy a nice toy for the little girl (who graciously forgave Jarra right after the incident happened and they played for the rest of the evening and forgot all about it) and give it to her at theater class tomorrow morning. This is just soooooo hard to deal with because I see Jarra in so much pain when she remembers the incident. I almost wish she didn't care as much! But not really. I can't imagine how many more difficult situations she will face in her life and how I will feel about seeing her struggle with her feelings of compassion toward others and being a good person. I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg. Yikes!!!  
2013-09-03  (baby has arrived)
Labor Day
We had a great weekend! Some of the hilights were going to dad's for a pool party- we went swimming. As usual Jarra impressed everyone with her swimming skills and Sivan loved being in the water with mommy! He enjoyed kicking his feet and splashing and playing on the stairs. I'm so glad he loves the water like Jarra. He starts swim lessons tomorrow at the country club. The kids are my love, my life, my joy! Driving home from dad's house I was really hoping they'd go to sleep but instead they spent the entire time asking me really tough questions. Jarra wants to know how the world works, how electricity works, where it comes from, how the lights can be different colors, where water is formed and how, who was the first person born and how did that happen! Sivan wants to know what mommy is doing. I'm driving Sivan. Why? Because I love you! He's a character. On the way home the other night, him and Jarra were asking my so many questions and finally I replied in a sorta short and irritable tone when Sivan said "mommy?". Then he said, don't talk to me like that! Basically in his own way he was saying to me that I need to answer him with a kind tone, not an irritated one. So I spent the rest of the drive saying, yes Sivan my love! How can I help you? It was hilarious. These kids really keep me on my toes!  

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